Thursday 20 November 2014

What is that? - not for vegetarians

When in London we always end up in China Town at some point.  We dont eat there, we have a rule if we dont recognise the food we dont eat it!  lol  

I get that the things on the left are ducks but in both the following 2 pictures what the heck is it on the top right that looks like armadillo?

Stuffed squid?  I dont know?

No idea

definitely no, I still dont know what above is

Half a duck and maybe pig ears?  

goose or stuffed duck neck?  
And again I have absolutely no idea what this is either?

Yep we didnt eat here.  We ate at the {Masala Zone} in Covent Garden.  We had the grand vegetarian thali's.  Bloomin lovely.  I recommend the Masala Zone.  I think there are a few dotted around London.

Would you eat the things above?


Dani said...

Eeeeek. I wouldn't eat any of that either LOL

Raybeard said...

For reasons you'll understand, I had to quickly scroll down the pictures, Sol. But all was set to rights by clicking on your link to the Masala restaurant which got my juices flowing. (They still are!)

northsider said...

Don't think I would eat them, Sol. Did you see the documentary about people eating dog in Korea?

Sol said...

Ha Ha Dani! Its like going to another planet.

Ray, it was delicious. I am trying to get my nieces to go there rather than the ice bar next year when they are up here.

Hey Dave, I couldnt watch that as I would throw things at the tv and then cry. When we were in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia we ate only vegetarian food. Although we also only eat vegetarian when we go to Canada as well. They all have very different welfare and allow different steroids and antibiotics that we dont in the EU. Kim Kardashians bum freaks me out, its like a form of mutation or it is the steroid or growth hormones in food its something.

Correcting myself here, we had 'grass fed beef' in Ottawa once, it was written like that on the menu. so we had it. I prefer vegetarian anyways, although my Dr doesnt agree! lol

Nora said...

Hmmmm...does look a bit dodgy, but I bet it tastes fab!

Next time you go to Chinatown, be brave and try the Wong Kei in Wardour Street, I used to go there before the days of nappys and school runs!

They have a reputation for being rude, cash only and for a tea refill leave your empty teapot, lid up and it miraculously refills!But the food is just lovely.

Menu in English but the secret stuff is in Chinese on the back ;)

Sol said...

Hey Nora! I have indeed been to Wong Kei's on many occasions with my friend who lives there. Going up the back stair case and upstairs. we always ended up sharing a table. My friend loves it in there... Always fast service though that is for sure. I cant think what I ate in there... it wouldnt have had meat in it. wow my brain is mush. I have a picture of the outside from going there somewhere. I will drag it out for you!

Anonymous said...

Love Nora's first sentence.

The last pic looks like fingers...

Caroline said...

Could the thing in the top pic be a giant piece of pork crackling, maybe? As for all the others - not a clue!

Sol said...

Hey Caroline, it could be crackling but I couldnt go into the restaurant to take a picture. it looked like a shell like an armadillo