Sunday 27 July 2014


I was watching the Sunday Brunch TV programme, and it was really weird/odd....

They cooked lobster and then kept telling people to dig in?  When 2 of their 4 guests were/are Jewish? (David Baddiel, Ben Savage from Boy meets world, Tess Daly and Charlie Simpson).

Bad taste me thinks...  also it looked like vomit on top of lobster. Enough said.

Tuesday 22 July 2014


Studying back Thursday.
No room in my brain. 
Like a full tea cup. 
With each drip it feels like something is flowing out somewhere.
Arent posts boring without pictures?....

Monday 21 July 2014

Veggie pie

Made this today.  It tastes really nice.  I had a can of chestnuts still from a Christmas hamper that was given to us.

It tastes good, but I think it needed a little kick of something.  One of the ladies at work said maybe cheese in the pastry?  I wouldn't know what that would taste like so I cant comment.

We ate it with half a carrier bag full of runner beans.  Wow when they get going, they really get going!

do you still have any Christmas left overs?  lol

Thursday 17 July 2014

and the skirting boards of

"...Fife have a long life".
Sorry I forget that people don't all know the adverts we have here.

Wednesday 16 July 2014

Monday 14 July 2014


Another item ticked off the list.  We went on the train over the Glenfinnan viaduct, the one from the Harry Potter film.

First Class, above, this was all booked up.  I was very sad.  Second class was uncomfortable, not a lot of leg room (remember I am only 5 foot tall, so if you are Norweigien, forget about it. your knees will be up around your ears.  Also if you are slightly large all the 2nd class have tables in the middle, you will be facing a stranger.  And the space between the table and the seat is also very small.  If you are portly this will be a problem.)  We were lucky we were opposite a Scottish Couple who weren't very tall.  

Crazy Asian people were laying down on the platform and hanging their head infront of the train.  Some people are plenty stupid.  Steam burns you idiots...

A closer look at first class. 
The reason for going.

A young lady wearing Gryffindor Robes.


The windows fog when you go through the tunnels.

The view when Harry and Ron are on the train and also when they fly over in the car.

And back at the station.

The end.

Thursday 10 July 2014

The High Road

"I'll take the high roooooad, and you take the low road...".  On the A82.  You don't get this view on the M5 or M4.  Wow.
More snow in the distance, in the beginning of July...
to give you an idea of scale, in the bottom left are coaches, cars and vans.
I felt like I could touch the clouds.  I can just imagine a Buddhist retreat being put here some where.  Your nearly touching the heavens.
A small water fall on the left.  A few sheep near that croft house.
A closer look.
Scotland just kicked it up a gear, in the most spectacular views race.
Where is your favourite view?

Tuesday 8 July 2014

500 miles

on the road to Glen Coe, that is snow in the top right.
Having left home last week and it was 26 oC to then be hit by 14 oC.  Brrr.  Just to remind you it is July.

Some of the Harry Potter film was shot around here.

Monday 7 July 2014

flying with out wings

At this moment above the sat nav thought we were flying, as we were on the new fly over by pass of Glasgow.  According to our car, it didn't exist.

I am an awful blogger and had to laugh at myself on Saturday.  We went to the Games.  I had my camera.  Started trying to take pictures.  Doh!  Camera, check.  Battery charged, check.  Memory card.... doh! 

idiot, Check!

Friday 4 July 2014

twirling - getting in the moo d

weight throw
These pictures are from 2009 Inverness Highland Games





Stone Put

Getting ready for the Highland Games in Luss this weekend!
This could be our last time going to the games.  I hope they are good!
Have a great weekend everyone

Thursday 3 July 2014

The Pipes

In Scotland, no real internet connection.  Will blog when I can.  My mending and repair pile is slightly less, in case you are interested.  Black flies haven't got me yet.  Miracles... hooray!

Sure is pretty here.  Off to see the Outlaws  Inlaws.

*dances around pretend swords with skirt held out to the sides*

"dah dah dah dah da da dah, duh duh duh du du du du dududederrrrr", that's bag pipe music if you hadn't guessed.

Little bit put out that everyone else seems to have nicer skirts than me.  And my dress clashes with my pear wellingtons...  oh well.  Sartorial I am not! *twirl*  96 year old, Granny MacK told me I have nice knees, so that makes up for it..  She doesn't appove of wellingtons, apparently I should be wearing boots...?

Off to watch men throw rocks and big sticks, ala Braveheart!  FREEEEEDOOOOOOMMMMMan

Fancy a sound track for the day?  Driving along screaming {this} out at the top of our lungs.. I blame it on Granny. Don't tell me we don't know how to have fun...  We were told off when we got back, as we had it on a loop and someone rang the STERN Aunty to tell her we were at the traffic lights in the village letting Granny scream....!!  LOL