Sunday 22 December 2019

Found in the Supermarket

How are we all set for Christmas?  Not a big song and dance in this house, we are cooking Indian food.  We have taken some lessons and we shall cook a feast.  We wont be going over the top with lots of nibbles as we never get through them and we end up with a lot of stale food.

What are you all eating for Christmas dinner?

Tuesday 17 December 2019


Apologies everyone.  I have completely forgotten how to use blogger and when I went on the main dashboard it showed there were 0 comments.  As you can see there are now a few but before it said zero.  I forgot I have a comment suppression on, which lets me view it first.  I have no idea how to take it off.  But I have now found where to look at the comments again.  I wasnt ignoring you, I just didnt realise you were there!  lol  

Mind like a sieve.  Well I hope you are all well in the run up to Christmas.  If you are driving on the M6 over the Christmas period I wish you luck I drove it last night and I think I clocked that there are 34 miles of road works.  They were set at 50 MPH, but as there was a lot of traffic we only did 30 and this was about 11pm.  Plan your routes to family and friends now.  It is going to be hellish.  I will leave you with a recent picture.  I have taken up pretending I can jog.  Have I told you that?  I dont want to be a bore, so I will give you the bare bones.  I started couch to 5k on the NHS website earlier in the year.  Slipped and fell and gave up.  I have started again 3 weeks ago.  All on schedule.  This is where I go if I want to be alone with my out of breath self....

Sunday 1 December 2019

Brr Cold

Minus 2 in the middle of the day. 

At least the grass isnt growing...

But you do have to hack at the windscreen, even when you have defrosted it 20 minutes before.  Damn wind