Tuesday 28 February 2017

Why dont we have these features in UK homes?

I love this house.  I am unsure of what the ground floor room is for?  Maybe an elderly relative or for when you retire?  I love the toilet and the way the kitchen/diner has a view right through to the sitting room, but there is a wall to stop guests from seeing the dishes and in my case, when I need to disguise that food hasnt turned out how I like.

I love the tap on the kitchen sink.  We now have one that extends and has 2 spray options, but I like how this one is long enough to go around the whole sink and looks more controlable.  On the stove area there is a special fish cooking drawer?!! wow.

And a new to me idea, no tumble dryer but the bathroom turns into a drying room?  Again, it rains in this country a lot, why dont we have this?  Although I do think a bath that reheats your bath water maybe a little like a lobster being cooked in a pot and I think that is a step too far for me...  But being able to swill the bathroom floor down like when washing down a dairy, there are drains built into the floor.  Genius.  No need for a mop bucket, this should also be in a kitchen and porch area.

Did you see that they have strict laws to stop your neighbours house from blocking your light.  We should have this here.  (Before some one spouts the right to light, good luck with trying to fight that in court.  People are now able to build with out planning permission, as they can build within permitted development.  Although in some cases they need the neighbours go ahead, their roof pitch or angle of the roof could still cut out your light.  Again, this could be a costly bill to go to court for.  you need big deep pockets.  Your neighbour can build a single storey extension with a height of up to 3 metres to the apex, your window will be lower than this...)

A tap in the drive to attach a hose to wash the car or water plants!  Fabulous. now if it was connected to under ground tanks that collect rain water that would be amazing.  Can you see I am gathering ideas for our next house???  lol  

Hows it going?  We were OK through storm Doris, just a half hour of the power being off, storm Ewan gave us some more high winds.  It is quite cold out, and now from being warmer than Greece last week, we are going to be colder than Moscow...!!!  And they say there is no such thing as global warning.  Other than these storms we seem to be having, I actually remember it raining more when I was a kid.  Not as heavy as we are having it now.  But I do defo remember always going to school with an umbrella, maybe not a coat but the umbrellas was always in my bag.  I know I live in a different county away from the sea now, but am I dreaming this up that it rained more often?  Am I just remembering drizzle?  

What gadgets do you think every house should have?  Just incase we have to build a house...

Saturday 25 February 2017

Awning up

This is our caravan.  Eldis broadway 470/2

We had a quick practice at putting the awning up.  I didnt want to get to the camp site and try and do this with people looking at us, whilst we attempted it.  And more importantly that putting me off.  I needed to know we could do it and that all of the pieces are there.  

There is a tear that has been repaired and a few pin holes in the awning.  We will need to address this.  Rather make do and mend.  If we decide caravaning is for us, we may in the future, get a full length awning.  Although this one is perfectly good enough in size as we wont be sleeping it in (the sleeping section is in there, we just wont add it), we will probably use it to put our camping table and chairs.  These 2 items we have used every year when camping, they work really well for us and we see no need to change this.

New blind pulls have replaced the old broken and cracked ones, this makes it look a lot more tidy.  All of the fly screens are in good condition, even the door fly screen is whole and not torn anywhere.  We have seen a lot of caravans where there arent fly screens at all or are poor quality and broken.  All of the blinds work. (These are all really good points for us as we werent looking for a caravan to fix up, we need it for a few holidays and for us to stay in when viewing houses in Cornwall.)

The curtains are faded, we could change these, but I am holding this back for if we want to carry on after this summer.  I do hope we love it, but we have to be realistic that we may not like it.  Hence the caravan was quite cheap and only a small one.  Heck if the new house we buy, doesnt have room for an office, this may have to go into the garden for this purpose.  When the idiot builders were here doing the kitchen, it was used as an office and it worked really well!  It would be cheaper than a home office cabin in the garden!!! 

Now we just need to name it!

Wednesday 22 February 2017

Caravan bits and pieces

the wheels fallen off!

Life is a bit odd right now.  Am not sure if I am coming or going.  Anyways, on to the caravan.

We didnt move the caravan at the weekend.  Posh Boy wants new carpet, so it is to stay on the drive for a few more weeks whilst we sort it out.  The one above is quite close to ours.  The door behind the wheel at the back.  

We also havent put the the awning up.  That will be a laugh for the neighbours I am sure.

I bought some saucepans for the caravan in Tesco, reduced to £13.  {Circulon}, is the make, I was amazed when I saw the price of them on Amazon.  I got a real bargain there didnt I!

The fail was I also bought {these Bodum mugs}, for £5 in the same Tesco.  They have to go back and get a refund, if they have a hot drink in them. the glass of the mug which is only single skin, touches your finger when you pick it up by the handle.  These are going back today. Dangerous.

We already have a kettle, one for the electric and one if we need to use the gas burner.  Why the 2?  Well we arent having much in the caravan and I would rather if we have an electric hook up, use the electric, than the gas stove.  I am not sure I will use the gas stove much as it kind of weirds me out that I might not turn it off properly and we will be sleeping in the same area.  

We were quite lucky when we bought this caravan, they left it containing most things.  The electric hook up cables, the waste water containers, a sack truck if you need to get water, a gas bottle, the step to get in.  All things we would of had to buy if we had bought it from a dealer.

I am really quite pleased with it.  I am booked in on a training weekend, to make sure I am OK, incase I have to tow it.  Which will probably be never, but I need to be prepared, just incase.  We will see how we get on with it and then later if we really enjoy it, we will bring forward buying a motor home.  Which we werent going to do till we retired.  After last year I say, sod that, do it whilst we can.  

The house is shaping up slowly.  Unfortunately for us, our mortgage is at an end, so today we had a surveyor around to value the house for the mortgage company.  We are remortgaging as we may not sell as quickly as we would like.  And we can always move it with us if we find THE FOREVER HOUSE, that is that little bit more than we have equity in the house....  Ha ha as if the forever home really exists.... lol  I make myself laugh.

Tell me somewhere good to visit in Cornwall that isnt Eden, or the Lost Gardens of Heligan... I am writing my Cornish bucket list of places to see.

What plans do you have for outings or holidays later this year?  

Tuesday 21 February 2017

Mansfield Park - Read a long.

Good Morning!  I hope you are all well.

It was a race to the end with this book.  I really must work my timings better and actually look at how many pages there are and not reading other books in the middle.  Righty ho, onwards, from a book about a paedophile in Lolita to an adulterous affair in Mansfield Park.

The beginning I found quite long, but I think is needed to set the scene of propriety at the time.

I would have hated very much to have been alive at the time I think, I would more than likely have been a servant!  lol

I can see some of the similarities between the upper class then and now.  Although, I think girls, ladies if you will, no longer care so much for their name and modesty.  You only have to watch programmes like {Geordie Shores} and {Made in Chelsea}, to know that this is no longer worried about, especially when it is now seen as the thing to do, to be on TV and wash your undies in public.... (none of the casts are good role models at all.  Its like a race to the bottom with Geordie Shores from what I hear.  I've only ever watched 2 of it programmes.  It was a horror).

I feel we all know a Mrs Norris, one who thinks that they are the epitome of style, taste, local knowledge etc.  In real life I shy away from these people and try and not have much to do with them.  As they tend to try and walk all over you, with their supperior knowledge.  Wide berth on that one.

Mrs Bertram needs to get a back bone.

Fanny Price, had feelings for Edmund early on, (first cousins are no longer permitted to marry).  I wonder how many aristocrates would now a days become a Vicar or Priest.  Not many I would say.

The book was quite longe compared to modern books, but I dont feel that once I got into it, that this took away from its story.  Will I read it again? Not for a while.  There are lots of other classics to read.  I will revisit it in a few years.

6/10 for Mansfield Park.  Above average, but not high enough I will read it between other books, whilst completing the read a long.

I am very much enjoying the process of reading these classics.  And I am delighted if anyone joins in.  Join in when you like the sound of the book, if you want to miss it out and go on to the next, do that to.  I am just pleased if you want to join in on any of the books!

Can you believe we are on to book number 5 already!

On to the next book, {The Handmaid's tale}.  I didnt know until I Googled it, is going to be a new TV series in April.

I hope this book doesnt disapoint, I read it at school and I think now that I have read even more dystopian fiction that this one will really light up for me.

Friday 17 February 2017

How is it going?


I am still reading this one, I completely missed how many pages it was and how long it would take.  How are you doing with it?  I am looking forward to the next book.  I read it at school and I am really hoping more people join in on that one, as I think it is a really meaty subject.


The weekend is here again and it looks like they think the weather will be warmer here than in Greece next week.  Lets hope so.  The snow drops are looking lovely and the primroses in the front garden are blooming their socks off right now.  There is one very fetching pink/purple one, that I am thinking of digging up to take with us when we move.

We are having a professional paint the hall and stairs for us, as we arent confident we can do a good job with ladders as it is an awkward space and could be dangerous.  Then on to carpet.  Making us on schedule for the house to go on the market the end of March and hopefully have a lot of viewings before Easter.  EASTER.  Have you seen the Easter eggs in the shops?  They were there January 3rd!  Ha ha its bonkers.  

This weekend we have a few bits and pieces to do.  We may pop to Cornwall to sort the caravan placement out.  We might not.  No rush, its not urgent just yet.  

In other news, I ate my first ever {Welsh cake} yesterday.  A lady at work made some with margarine for me, as I said I had never eaten one.  They normally contain butter and milk.  Very nice, with a cup of lady grey.  

Hope you are well.

Be kind, be safe

Sol xx

Monday 13 February 2017

Have you seen these FREE SEEDS?

Picture from Google
The {Woodland Trust} is giving away {free seeds}, for you to plant and help raise the tree coverage of the UK.  Did you know we have the lowest tree coverage in the whole of Europe?  Not good is it? And now the talk of building on green field sites, its even more important.  Planting trees, not only lowers pollution, it also helps with flooding.  

If you dont have a garden large enough for some trees, if you have children, how about asking their school if they could plant some of the trees? 

Ive completed the form, lets see what arrives!

Thursday 9 February 2017

To fold or not to fold. What was the question?

In between reading this months read a long book, Mansfield Park, I have been reading some other books.

A friend gave me her copy of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  

I have now completed it and I can say that other than helping me fold things so I can get the whole of my chest of drawers into on single drawer, I am not sure any of the rest of it is worth while.  There! I said it.  I have not only my food storage but also my this could be useful items, stored in the shed and garage workshop. 

There is one line, that says something like "Throw the item away if it doesnt spark joy", OK, I can understand if something doesnt make you do the happy dance.  "If you need it later you can buy it again!".  What?  What what?  hmmm Me thinks she has money to burn.

Take for instance, there are things from each house that once we strip it, before renovating it, you may need again.  In the kitchen of our last house, for some unknown reason there was a  mirror and a shaving light and socket over the draining board.  Weird right.  We took the socket down, and mirrors are expensive, I saved it.  It went in the garage when we moved.  

Fast forward to the roof off, put back on higher, renovation here.  As the roof is part of the wall in many rooms, it means limited wall space that isnt at an angle.  Enter the en suite, no mirror.  A mirror cut to size would be £80!  £80!  you have to be kidding me.  

Enter the mirror that fits exactly in the right place in the new en suite!  Bingo!  Womble-ing at its finest and no need for a back splash.  When you view the room as a whole it helps with light and balance.  As your head actually goes into the sky light, you have to stoop to look in it.  But on first glance, that will be people viewing the house when we sell, look a mirror about the sink.  TAH DAH!!!!  They dont think it is only 40cm x 40cm.  Nope it will make them think it is all exactly as it should be.

You are supposed to thank things for their service, she says so in her book.  She also empties her handbag out each night and puts things in drawers and shelves?  LOL  {Aint nobody got time for that}.  So, thank you Marie Kondo book, your off to the charity shop, unless someone on here wants it...

Wednesday 8 February 2017

Films I have seen on DVD lately


I watched this last month.  It was entertaining, if a little silly in some places where he spoke directly to the camera.  Got nothing better to do on a rainy afternoon?  Maybe watch it.  Average for me.  4/10 I probably wont watch this again.

Jason Bourne

We actually bought this as a box set with the other 3 films.  I really liked this film.  Fast pace.  8/10 That is high praise from me.  Will I watch this again!  YES, yes, yes.

I also bought this as a box set, as I dont have the other 2 films and they are great "the weather is horrid films".   Very entertaining.  6.5/10  As I am not sure how many times I could re-watch it.

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Bravecto - A cautionary tale

Picture from Google
Dont eat whilst reading this....  If you dont have any dogs or cats, this post isnt for you.  Come back tomorrow. 😊

Eric has previously had {Bravecto}, for flea and tick treatment.  Rather than putting spots on his neck for this, we had given him this chewable tablet.  It looks and smells like a rather large dog food kibble.  We had been very happy with it.

As Marta is growing rapidly, she is now over 5kg in weight.  We spoke to the Vet about her also taking this 3 month preventative tablet.  She was deemed fit and health, along with Eric, who 2 weeks previous had eaten a stick and had intestinal issues passing it.  All very anxious times.  

We treated them both at that time for parasites just incase it was that, as Eric had never eaten or chewed sticks prior to us having Marta.  Marta is a real retriever of objects and loves to carry little sticks around and chew them.  Eric, must have decided to join in, but actually ate it.  So, parasites tablets dispatched.  Eric had a week course of antibiotics and a syringe of Promax to counter act the strong antibiotics.  Both were given the all clear and a quick check on the day we got the Bravecto.

Back to Marta, 2 weeks later, we gave her the Bravecto, on the Thursday night before bed.  Next morning, she was screaming in her crate to get out at 3 am.  This is most unusual as she normally goes to bed at 10pm and gets up at 5am.  Blood and diarrhea everywhere.  A very floppy Marta staggered back towards us.  Emergency vet called and a pajama clad pair met the vet at the practice.  

{Promax}, given and a drip for fluids.  We were sent home with out her.  The Vets were amazing and called us every 2 hours with an update.  There is a small chance that it can cause renal failure.  At 5pm they called us.  Come and collect her.  Diet of only chicken and rice and the promax.  No treats, gentle walks no more than 15 minutes long.

I am pleased to say we have just got back to normal, 2 weeks later.  Lots of 2, 3 and 4am wake up calls from her to go out.  Bless her cotton socks.  

She is back to her normal self.  I am thankful for the Vets quick response and in a strange way to her crate.  Had she not have been shut in her over night crate (we only shut her in, so she doesnt wander as she fell down the stairs the first week we had her), we would not have been alerted to her state and been able to get help quickly.  

I hope this hasnt been too disgusting for you, I just wanted to say, maybe dont give this to young puppies until they are a bit stronger and have a better stomach to cope with it.  

What with this, the kitchen builders from HELL who we have told dont come back part the way through.  I have never really come across a man who when you say something, says he will speak to Posh Boy when he comes home.  I have been a Project Assistant working on some huge building sites all over the south, and have never been dismissed ever before.  

We are a bit wrung out at present.  Another day has dawned.  Off to the coal face, I have scheduled this post today.  Lets see if it appears at 11.30am... lol 

Sadie, if you are reading this, I have tried to comment on your blog, but I couldnt work out how...?