Saturday 22 February 2014

Looking up #3

Pierrefonds, France, May 2013

This house is bang smack opposite the cat house.  Some one really loved this house before it was even built. Sorry they are a little blurry.  We were jostling with French people who were off to Sunday lunch.  French people and food should never be messed with.  Even the supermarkets shut so the staff can go home. 

Look at the patterns on the side of the house.  You can just see the tower peeking out over the top of the roof.

Accents in turquoise blue and the light hanging down in the covered eating area.  Beautiful red bricks pick out the arch and then keystones of buttery limestone.  stunning...

Sorry this is the worst one to have taken blurry.  I was accidentally barged by an old lady with 6 baguettes.  Jewel coloured cartouche on the tower.  With a lovely relief and some painted with fruits.  Then look at the decorative bricks in blood rend, turquoise and yellow. Exquisite to me.

Below is the top of the tower you just get the hint of the roof tiles blue and yellow.  Delightful.

All to be seen if you just look up.

Friday 21 February 2014

looking up #2

Pierrefonds, France, May 2013

This is the same house as the pictured here with the cat on the roof.  Can you see the opened mouthed fish?  And then the ivy in relief on the under side of the window sill.  You can just see the cat in the top right of the picture.
Bottom left of the picture can you see the square holes in the under side of the window lintel.  I think those are either where bars should have been or where shutters fitted into.
Again my favourite coloured stone.  Buttery like Bath.

Thursday 20 February 2014