Wednesday, 19 December 2018

We need more people that give a s£$7

For many years I have been on my own journey to do what I can.  Be it beach cleaning every time I have walked the dogs over the past year, eco cleaner, leaving all the packaging in the supermarket as a statement (I follow my sister in doing this), home made knitted dish clothes made of bamboo to be able to compost them...  and so many more things I have learnt along the way. I go along the Tesco's line of "every little helps". 

Then I see something like this and I think, "Holy s£$7, I need to do more".  I am sad that the {Greening of Gavin} is no longer a blog but you can find him on Facebook.  To push myself to do more I am hoping to get more into the local community here and at least litter pick and volunteer at their monthly meetings where they clean the verges and hedges on the way in and out of the town.  

I am going to stop talking the talk.  And I am going to walk the walk and hope others come along for the ride.  Plus you get a nice hi viz jacket.

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For the greater goooooooddd - semper ad maiora