Monday, 30 March 2020

The gardeners

My gardeners have arrived.  (The man down the road walked them up to our house yesterday and left them in the parcel box. He rang, to get them straight away. Paid by paypal. Life sure is different at present.)

The pink one is the only one with a name.  Evil Edna.  She is a Buff Barred and the other 2 brown ones are Colombian Black Tails.  {Kev} also recently got some of these, it would seem they are very popular right now.  I wanted a Sussex, but in these times you take what you can get and be happy about it.  Little bit of a scuffle last night trying to get them to use the ladder to get in the house.  Evil Edna decided that she was having none of it and was pecking both the other 2 and myself.  Hence the name.  

They have been out this morning in the run and already seem to have got the hang of getting slugs.  There was much glee and throwing it about and then they all descended on it like they didnt have any food!  The dont seem to like the water dispenser and keep pecking the top furiously.  I might change it to a metal one as it could be their reflection.

They are 17 weeks old and wont lay for a month.  But they are already doing the job and are scratching the heck out of the area.  When they have done a thorough job there, we will move them on.