Saturday 7 May 2016

Songs for You

Mark Owen is the one at the start of the second video.  He doesnt look like that now.


Kymber, I have started the post for you...  hold on, it is on its way.  I went to the rescue centre today to register for a pet!  Hooray!!!  All very harrowing as I could hear dogs barking.  I dont want to look at any animals until they have done the home visit to see where we live.  I would really be upset if I found an animal and then they said my home is no good.

Friday 6 May 2016

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Picture from here

Just to show you how bizarre my life has been lately and how much my brain is not working correctly.

On our mad dashing about at the weekend (thank goodness it was a bank holiday, I needed the extra time), we went through Lechlade-on-Thames.  "Quick!!! Pull in somewhere", I shouted.  Which is the most ridiculous thing to possible want to do in Lechlade or anywhere else around there.  It is a tourist/antique hunter/narrow boat loving people area.  Parking would be a nightmare.  Then the sun shone and a space came up on our second pass of the on street parking.  The space was so tight, you would only have been able to get an old fashioned car in it, or as it happened my Nissan Note.  Woo hoo skinniest car we have ever owned.

We hop out of the car and off into the antique shop where I saw shelving outside on the pavement (side walk, not the road to all the Americans and Canadians who imagined cars driving over them).  Trusty tape measure in my bag, I got to it and nope no good to wide.  Drat.

Lots and lots of people all over the place, even walking in the road.

I was thirsty.  I am always thirsty (please dont comment that I could be diabetic, I have been tested *cough* *Sheldon Cooper!*).  We raced around the corner to the Londis shop (small supermarket like Circle K).  And there in the middle of the door way with the electric doors wide open.  Is a man, not much taller than me.  With running lycra trousers on and a dirty t-shirt.  Long hair with a ladies alice band holding it back out of his eyes.  Really he looked like he needed washing down with a hose and a yard brush.  

Posh Boy is behind me, with his booming voice, "What the hell is it with people, why do they need to block doorways?".  He tuts and says "I am staying out here", and he starts looking at his phone.  

I go pink in the face, as the man in the door way is posing like Mighty Mouse above, hands on hips.  And I look at him and think to myself, where the heck do I know you from.  He is standing there smiling at me and inclines his head in a nod and I am then thinking, he must be someone from work.  I plaster a smile on my face, to cover up that I have no idea who this man is.  To my smile, he beamed back at me and then moves to the side to let me through the door.

I go to the fridge and just as I am putting my hand on a bottle of diet coke, it dawns on me who he is.

Picture from here
My thoughts were confirmed when the women behind the till, were giggling and said "I wish it had been Robbie Williams, who had just come in instead.  He doesnt look like he used to".  The other one said, "Apparently, he bought his wife one of the houses on the lake, when it came out in the papers that he had been having an affair.  But who would turn down Mark Owen, from Take That".

Yep, I had just smiled like an idiot at Mark Owen.  When the boy band Take That first came out and in say in 1993, when I was at the height of school girl crushes, if I had seen Mark Owen I would probably have passed out, or ran at him or something equally stupid, thinking he was a living god.

Really, he is just a dude in lycra.  Lycra is never flattering.  

There you go, Everything Changes, It Only Takes a Minute, to be completely mistaken, he isnt a Babe, certainly Love Aint Here Anymore... I could go on!  lol 

Have a great weekend and Do What You Like.  OK enough with the song titles.  I think I have proved I am a complete plank sometimes.

Thursday 5 May 2016

If the World Makes You Blue...

Look at the older archive blog posts of {Dog Shaming}.  You cant help but smile.

Have a good day everyone!

Tuesday 3 May 2016

There is no room left...

... in my head.  Honest to goodness, I do not know what is going on.  I have become one of those bores.  I am sick of constantly being busy.   I feel like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, "I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!".

What am I doing all the time?  I have no idea.  Things are getting done, but I decided as I came back from the supermarket at 9.30pm that enough is enough.  I am starting to say no to things, starting tomorrow morning.

I actually sat at work today, whilst two people argued over who was going to give me their work.  I already have my own work.  It is the weirdest place to be, completely surreal.  People arguing about you, whilst you sit there.  Fish mouth working, no sound coming out.  Very odd and really uncomfortable.  I must have looked like a fool.

No.  No.  And No.  What do you think?  Do you think I can do it?

I have already cried off of 2 dates over the next bank holiday.  I have things to do at home.  The building works start the week after, my lovely friends completely understand that I will be busy.  I said yes and then thought, heck really I should have said "No.  Sorry I cant."  Maybe when all of the works start on the house I will want to be out all the time.  The dust is bound to make me crazy again.

Late on Monday afternoon we zoomed off on a whim and bought a new Miele vacuum cleaner.  My old samsung is kaput.  And although I love my Dyson stick its charge is only 20 mins.  And when I get in a temper or in a mood I need to clean the hell out of the house.  Nothing is better than a really deep theraputic cleaning frenzy.

I am boring myself now.  I refuse to become one of those people who is constantly saying how busy they are.  I want a day where I sit and just read.  I miss that.  I love to read and comment on peoples blogs.  I am fed up of feeling rushed.  Completely out of control at the moment.  I have vacuumed the hell out of the hideous carpet in the hall, and you know what?  The vacuum is so powerful that it pulled the thread/pile out.  Now that is suction!  I struggled to push it over the surface.  It has different power settings and 4 different vacuuming heads, you know the ones that look like a hammer head shark.  My upright Dyson has had it.  Move over Dyson made in a far, far away land.  Your plastic has cracked and you no longer pick up.  My lovely German made Miele is now my new marvel.

None of this makes sense but I am sure someone else out there feels exactly the same as me.  I say, get out there and vacuum.  If I had a carpet beater and a big washing line I would thrash the hell out of the rugs.  And then I might just feel in control again.

And on that note, I bid you all Good Night.

P.S. dont you think the below vacuum cleaner looks like a droid?  R2D2's cousin?
Picture from here