Friday 28 August 2015

Laptop Dead - Long Live the Laptop

If it doesnt rain it pours eh?  

Last night I turned my laptop on to finish writing a post and there was a pop noise.  Followed by a bigger pop.  

Then came the smell, of the first day you turn your radiators on after the summer.  That hot dust smell, where you havent cleaned behind you radiators properly.  The smell go worse and it became burning car clutch, mixed with electrical.

I flew out of my chair...Remember that when we moved in here, the electrics were a bodge job, and we didnt have an Earth.  I ran around the room, flapping my arms and shouting for Posh Boy to 

"get in here right now!!!!  SOMETHINGS ON FIRE!".

We both were like blood hounds sniffing around the room to find the problem.  

Moved away from my chair and back again.  Getting warmer, getting warmer HOT HOT HOT!  The power supply from my laptop was white grey on the top. 

We rushed the offending cable out of the house, opened all of the doors and windows.  The rain has been coming down side ways the last couple of days so this is the last thing we wanted.  

My laptop has needed a new battery for at least 3 years and has to be plugged in to work.

So that is kaput at the moment.

A new power supply and battery have been ordered.  £18.  Lets hope that does the trick, else I can see Christmas coming early and a new laptop on the horizon.

Either way, I hope you are all ok.

The house plods on.  We are off to order carpet for the downstairs bedroom this weekend.  Paint the 2 rooms, Finish the last coat on the dining room floor.  As it is a Bank holiday, who knows we may go mad and sleep in later than 6am!  Now that will be a treat.

So, for the weekend I will be again off line. I am typing this at my Friends house.  In case I am not back for a while.  

Lets call it a holiday.....  shall we?

Have a great weekend everyone.  Savour it.  The trees are already changing colour, but the sky is blue with no clouds.  I think Autumn is going to be spectacular this year.  But with all the berries we have on the trees is it going to be a harsh winter?

As they say on Game of Thrones..... "Winters coming".

With that I will bid you "Adieu".  For now

Thursday 20 August 2015

You Know Nothing...

building in London,  I think it may have been Soho.
When are all of the good TV programmes going to be back on TV?  I need Walking Dead, Strictly...  I need the Mother of Dragons.  I need more SCI FI.

*Le Sigh*

P.S. I tried to book tickets for to see ELF the musical before Christmas.  Yes I just said the C word.  And you know what?  WHAT YOU SAY?  They only had tickets left that were either £160 each or the Royal Box at £300 each.  SAY WHAT?  With that, they train tickets for an hour ride, tube tickets and a hotel.  Well you can forget it, we could buy a new TV (which we need as this one has dark areas on the screen now,  damn LCD), and new surround sound and STILL have change.  Have I been LOUD enough?  hmmm  disgusting.  How can families afford that... 

Answers on a post card please...

P.P.S The Mother of Dragons rocks. 

P.P.P.S  I have only just started watching this programme.  I have missed all of the rudey bits apparently.  Which is good, that would be embarrassing...

Saturday 15 August 2015


Hows it going?

All go here.  Hopefully they have fixed everything with the telephone line and we have internet now.  At least until the next problem.

What have we been up to?  Well lots of working and we had people in to do the stove, and the flooring in the lounge, the bathroom was finished on friday.  No paint in there yet and needs a few bits finishing but Hugh Hef and Austin Powers are well and truly leaving the this house.  Good riddance.

Off for a wander around your blogs now.  Hope you are all well.  The rose above, you can see it through the porch window, when the evening light hits it just so, it looks like it is on fire.  Pretty, right?

Wednesday 5 August 2015