Tuesday 26 April 2016

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At the weekend, I change the bedding from the winter duvet to our summer duvet.  Like when I hang my laundry out it rains...  Change my duvet and it snows.  I wonder if this is my super power?

Not much going on around here.  Same old same old.  Work, eat, sleep repeat.  

The loss of Victoria Wood has been a slap in the face and then Prince.  This year is the pits.

The fabulous Queen of ours turned 90 and she is still extremely active and going strong.  

Which leads me to Obama visiting.  I am not normally political.  But we, the people, shall decide one way or the other, its called democracy.  I think he forgets that.  It reminds me of the speech given by the Prime Minister, (played by Hugh Grant), in the film Love Actually.  In or out we should not be bullied, its our future.

I am reading one of Ben Fogles books. the Accidental Adventurer.  I found it in a charity shop whilst looking for a cat carrier.  Obviously cat carriers are not normally found on the book shelves.  But you cant look in a charity shop and not look at the book shelves can you.  And when I saw Mr Fogle there, I had to snatch him up.  Pwoar.  You all know I have a thing for him.  Now I have his book.  lol  I first came across him when he was on the Island of Taransay, in the programme {Castaway}.  The book is quite good, although I prefer {Ranulph Fiennes} writing.

(I want to get a cat carrier in readiness for once the building works are finished we are getting a pet, could this mean that this may become our forever home?  Who knows.  A rescue cat, will be making its home with us.  I want to get a cat box that is only used to take it to the vet and another new box, for it to sleep in with blankets and feel safe.  Does that make sense, my friend thinks it is a waste?  What are your thoughts on this... Am super excited, can you tell?)

Monday 11 April 2016

Hey Harry!

Hi Harry I hope you find this.  Where has your blog gone?  I have been asking after you.  I tried to send you an email through the followers 'send email' tab but it wont send anything as I am not in your group.

I hope you are well.

Sol xx

Saturday 9 April 2016


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I put my washing out on the line.  Shut the door and it started to pour.

Nothing is more effective at bringing on rain, than me putting my washing out.

Your welcome...  

Maybe I should put myself out to tender, 'Rain Caller, no need for dancing'.  

Have a good weekend.

Be kind.

Monday 4 April 2016

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Greece 2011

Its no secret that I love TV and films.  My favourite films are You've Got Mail, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET, Ghostbusters, Sleepless in Seattle and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

On Saturday, following some early morning gardening (potting on), we hot fotted it  drove to the nearest cinema in the big town.  There with our contraband bottles of coke zero and a milky way each, I got to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.  Loved it.  I laughed my head off when they are having their pictures taken.

Obviously the whole cast is older, the first film was out in 2002.  Some people have had too many fillers and too much botox and have duck lips.  No matter I still laughed.

I give it 7/10.  Which is high praise from me.

Sunday 3 April 2016

Oh Lovely TV on Sundays Again!

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Finally there is some lovely TV programmes again.  *Le Sigh*

{The Durells}, has just started, and then straight after is the return of the programme {Home Fires}.  Dare I say it, Downton Abbey got on my nerves towards the end.  I am hoping to love The Durrells and I already love Home Fires.  

Sunday evening just got interesting, rather than the slog towards Monday morning and work.

Now all we need Poldark to be back and we can swoon as well.

Have a lovely week.  

Be kind

P.S. our TV is on its way out again, the screen is very dark, as opposed to last time when it had blue patches...  Will have to look into a replacement part again.  I refuse to give up on it.