Monday 2 October 2017

Passage to India review

Urgh we lost the internet here, it is really stressful as we need to buy supplies to renovate the house.

Moan over, onwards to the review.

Massive apologies to Ray!  Sorry this has taken forever to be published, blogger wouldnt let me do it on my phone as it thought I was hijacking my own account!

Passage to India.  Wow, this was a long hard slog of a book.  It wasnt even that many pages but I felt like I was really having to push myself to bother reading it.  I was really quite excited to read it as well.  

Some of it I was really quite upset with, they way the British called the Dr to the club and then had gone away themselves.  Rude, plain rude.  It revulsed me in parts.  One part that really stuck in my craw was when asked if he had children, Dr Aziz says he has 2 sons, previous to this he had told Mrs Moore he had a daughter and 2 sons.  I disliked that greatly.

I was actually not wanting to read it after Adela accuses Dr Aziz of assaulting her as was afraid to read of the outcome.  How was he to be treated?  Did he really do it?  The people at the club become the mob and the Indians outside are also the mob and have their own riot.

Adela accuses Dr Aziz about half way through the book and then it rambles for a very long time to come to the conclusion he is innocent.  I know it is about the politics at the time and how the religions mix, I just couldnt get into it as it brought out some emotions I didnt think I would have.  I thought it was going to be a travel book of some description with words that painted the landscape, in some small way it did.  On page 6 there are some lovely *visuals*, the lamps in the sky etc.

Will I read it again?  No, sorry it was a real let down after Howards End.

4/10 at best.