Thursday 25 August 2016

It must be time for some music

Loved this song, I had a top just like this.  I had to sneak it out in my bag when I was going to stay at my friends.  Her parents were a lot more easy going than my own.  That was until I saw a picture of myself wearing it.  Too skinny and nothing to fill it.  It fitted my friend better than it did me.  LOL 

We used to go to an under 18s nightclub that shut at 11.  lol  And you've guessed it, everyone sat down on the floor and sang their heart out.

This song I remember vividly.  We were in a friends bedroom, listening to this song, her parents were down stairs working out, who got what in the divorce.  Weird as a teenager how you just go with it.  

There you go, a bit more of the 90's through my eyes and ears.

Have a good day, I hope it is a little cooler.  Fingers crossed.

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Colour Anxiety

Scotland June 2014
First world problem alert.  Pretty picture for calming craziness over stupid things.

I am now panicking about the colour of the walls for the main bedroom, the en suite and the bathroom.

Thoughts please

Chic Shadow for the en suite?  Its kind of none descript.  Am going off it.  The en suite is to the main bedroom

Urban Obsession, for the main bedroom?

Lost Lake, for the main bathroom upstairs.  It isnt as {mediterranean blue} as I wanted.  

All 3 paints are from Dulux as you can see.  

Should I paint them on and if they are no good, change the colour to something else?

At least if it is a mistake it isnt wall paper.  Right?

Stairs arrive tomorrow I am told.  I will be able to see the rooms and not just in a picture tomorrow night.  It doesnt help I havent been able to look at the rooms since they removed the old stairs.  Expect picture over load over the next few days.

Now back to the paint, these are all going in the loft conversion.  What do you think?

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Hot under the collar

Not only is Brian Cox a particular crush of mine, but he really puts his point across.  

I love that Brian didnt want to take his t shirt and track suit jacket off, he put a suit jacket on over the top.

Hope you are having a good day

p.s. Ozone layer

Thursday 11 August 2016


The first time I ever saw the film Cruel Intentions, it was a raining afternoon, my friend and I went to the cinema in Plymouth, on the Barbican.  It was all new shiny and no one else was watching the film.  We moved seats every few minutes, lounged out and watched the film.  In the evening we ate dinner at the restaurant, laughed our head off and then moved to the night club on the other side of the cinema called Destiny and Desire (if I recall correctly.)  the song above makes me want to be in a convertable car.

I already had my life long long love of the below song and I have referenced this previously, but it is my favourite.  Here it is again.  The Verve.  Love

As they would say in those days 'it twisted my melon man'

I cant leave it just at 2, here is your third

Music is a really large part of my life.  There is a real soundtrack to my life.  Every film that touches me or I have an ace time on a date night the music becomes a memory trigger.  It also happens to me with smells.

I think I will make a new version of a mixed tape, in the form of a USB memory stick for my car.  I completely jumped from only having a tape deck in my old car with a Bros and a Madonna tape, both of which had been rewound with a pencil, many times. To warp speed forward completely missing CDs, mini discs and MP3s - straight to a USB stick.

Yes, a world with out music would be very dull.  I therefore leave you with a song of hope. Pull up a chair, tea or coffee cup in hand.  Press play and maximise. Lets start the day off nicely. 

John Lennon, Imagine.  

(Love that it looks like John is wearing Ugg boots.)

Live life in peace.

Till tomorrow

Be kind 

Tuesday 9 August 2016

You see tomatoes, I see bruschetta

Although the heirlooms  havent produced this year at all, they died off, truth be told.  My yellow cherry tomatoes and my baby plum tomatoes have been putting out a high yield.

Bruschetta for lunches, homemade ciabatta, tomatoes, basil and garlic all home grown.  Nom nom, yum yum.  Olive oil comes from my friends family farm in the South of Italy.

Posh tomatoes on toast, never tasted so good.

Sunday 7 August 2016

I love it when a plan comes together...

The house renovation is moving along at pace now.  Still waiting for the new stairs to be delivered.  A few bits of stupidness by the plasterer.  Big long electrical cable that came out of the floor, is so long it was wrapped around a door handle by one of the builders to keep it from being trodden on.  Stupid plasterer, plasters the wall without the cable behind it?  Duh?  and WTF???  Seriously, you have to watch every damned thing they do.   They will have to fix it, it is the only light in that area.  Mucho, miffed off with that!  More plaster dust as they channel out for that.  Not happy can you tell???!???

In good news though, we decided along time ago, as we will more than likely not stay in this house, we will not use the Greek marble slabs we ordered for the shower enclosure or the mother of pearl tiles which I adore, they can continue to live at my Brother's workshop until needed.  We have gone with bog standard white.  Cant go wrong.  What is the good news?  Whilst looking at the terms and conditions for Topps Tiles, it mentions the use of Tesco vouchers.  Well we have quite a few Tesco points vouchers.  Googled it and sure enough you could get Tesco vouchers to pay.  And not only that, on the Tescos website, you could triple the amount of the face value.  TRIPLE.  Read that TRIPLE THE VALUE.  What?

I cashed those vouchers in quick smart and whilst we waited for the new ones to arrive, ordered the tiles in store.  When we went to pick them up they didnt bat an eyelid that we were paying for the wall and floor tiles with vouchers.  And guess what?  It made the tiles free to us.  We didnt pay a penny.  Seeing as I would only have squandered those original vouchers on chocolate or something extra for our Christmas dinner, this way I have use of them every day.  Super duper right.  Free is free.  Yes, I earnt the vouchers through buying food at Tesco's, but I have to buy food and I have got something out of it.  Very pleased.  Very very pleased.

Wombled a few more things from the skip and therefore saved them from land fill.  Some really large lengths of timber 6x4 over 2 metres long (and I know I have just mixed metric with imperial lengths).  These will be used for a new extension to the wood store.  Found 2 rubble bags with off cuts from the stud walls, perfect for the wood stove.  

Waste not, want not.

p.s. I love the clapping Gif.  :)  I know people dont like them but I squealed and clapped when I found out they were tripled!  Tripled.  I am tickled with that.