Wednesday 23 November 2016

This Made Me Smile

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I read {this} and it made me smile.  I was laughing when I read about the zombie apocalypse.

I havent quite finished the second post on the North and South book.  Its coming!  Just like the zombies are...

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Dickens for Christmas


A quick move away from last months book.  I will add more about that tomorrow.  I am a little tired today.

Right, next book.  I am loving this, you all know that dont you?!?!?

Monday 21 November 2016

The End of the First book


Well this months book is finished.  It was a hard slog in some parts and I was gee'd on with the thought of watching the TV adaptation of it.  I will now allow myself to buy it!!!

I must admit that over all I did like the book, although, the first 60 pages I do not feel that they are worth much.  And every one has a friend of family member that is as much of an airhead or should I use the word vapid, as are Edith and Fanny.

For that time, I am sure that Margaret was quite forward in voicing her opinions.  Maybe it was because of her living as she had with the Shaws and that people looked up to her father whilst he was in the Clergy that she had an opinion that she thought other should hear.  And both Henry Lennox and Mr Thornton asking her to marry them with out consulting the father.  Would this have happened?  I thought even in those days a courtship was commenced when the father allowed it.

They would all think me very rich with the amount of scarves and shawl type things I have.  Many will have been made in India!!!  lol  

'a large Indian shawl, which hung about her in heavy drapes'

I am very pleased that I do not live in that time.  For sure, I would have been one working in the mills.  Up until recent years and even still my family were farmers or coal miners. My father would have been classed as an apothecarist, (he went to a grammar school).  So maybe not so far down the pecking order.

I also liked that Mr Thorntons character, had made it, that even before he met them, he was nice enough to make the landlord of the Hales, tidy up the house for them.

'There was no particular need to tell them, that he did not care to do for a Reverend Mr Hale, unknown in Milton, he was only too glad to do at the one short remonstrance of Mr Thornton, the wealthy manufacturer...'

There you go, part one of two.

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What did you think?  Have you blogged about it?  Leave a link in the comments.

Tuesday 15 November 2016


Cambodia 2014
Typing out loud if you will.

Lots of thoughts are swirling around, it would seem people are quite afraid for the future at present.  After 2008 and the recession, I lay awake last night thinking about how we are at the whim of other countries laws and financial problems as well as our own.  The world is so interwoven now that when one falls, like dominoes we all topple.  I worry that we will go back to the crazy levels (in my life time), of the 1990's, where every other day one of my school friends had their homes repossessed.  It pushes me harder to the goal of mortgage free as quickly as possible.  I dont know where I am going with this post at all...  It is complete ramblings...  

I read {Kev's post} and it would seem he is also thinking what will happen. Lol even if it is zombies. 

{Here} is another post from the blog, The Gardeners Cottage. Although we are no where near the Depression, it is a timely reminder of how hard it can be.

I think back to {this post} on Rhonda's blog, Down to Earth, {here} is the article she is referring to.  And it shows how people can make huge savings and pay off their mortgage whilst being more self sufficient.  This is the thoughts of many blogs I read and people who come here to read my blog.

Keep going everyone.  Chin up, heart strong, be kind. 

Till another day, Sol xx and 🐕 
(have you seen the symbols we can now add?  cool! lol)

Sunday 13 November 2016

Wednesday 9 November 2016

A Rolling Stone...

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Whilst waiting for my friend in a coffee shop, I saw The Weekend, which is a part of the Mail on Sunday news paper.  In it was an article from the TV programme QI.  I really like that programme.

Here are my favourite facts from the article:

Napolean was born with teeth.  That gives me a little bit of the shivers.

A sneeze can travel up to 200ft.  More shuddering and yucky!

Rather apt for today, Donald Trump's father and grandmother both had the middle name Christ.

And the best one I thought was - On Earth, moss grows in an unruly fashion, but in space it forms spirals.  Isnt that cool?!?

Friday 4 November 2016

Never Smile at a Crocodile...

Crocs.  Fashion faux pas?  Do you love them or hate them? I wonder if Peter Pan would wear Crocs...?

We use Crocs in our house as slippers.

A certain dog, *Cough Eric*, obviously dislikes them and wanted not one pair but 2 pairs to be put in the bin.

I give you Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Both pairs are covered in paint splatters and dust, but they are really useful and easy to put on and take off.  I do not wear them in the street, rather I use them as Hausfrau slippers. 

Eric, decided that these shoes had to be killed.  Notice that it is the right shoe of both pairs?  Hmm.  I couldnt find him when I came in, he had been alone for 2 hours.  Where was he?  He was obviously so scared that he had destroyed the shoes that he was hiding.  Where was he?  Behind the sofa, shaking like a leaf.  My heart sinks at this.  And I have to wonder, what the heck have his previous owners done it him?  When I walked by, he only caught my eye as he dash, belly low to the floor and out the door and hid in doorway of the bathroom.  This makes me feel very sad.  It was our fault for leaving them out.  Poor Eric...  Bless him.  This followed him having to have a bath at 6 am, due to an incident, where he rolled in something disgusting.  Today really isnt his day.  He is having a lovely bit of fresh cooked chicken with his dinner, that should perk him up.  If not we will try a little bit of cheese.

In other news in the reductions aisle at the supermarket there were 6 bags of potatoes reduced to 10p each.  All together 15kg for 60p!!!!  BARGAIN! And what do you do with that amout of potatoes to make sure they dont go off?  Well you make them in to parmentier potatoes, Sol style.  I make them and then I freeze them.  I can then bring them out and 15 minutes in the oven, bang, deliciousness on your plate.  I dont make them like Jamie Oliver, nope that would be too easy.  I dice all of the potatoes in to small cubes, aiming for 1.5cm squares.  Here is where it is different, I parboil them in water with fine grated garlic and chopped rosemary.  Lots of rosemary and garlic.  I drain them, tip them back in the saucepan and pour over lots of olive oil.  Lay the potatoes our on baking sheets in a single layer.  Roast in the oven say 180 oC until they start to crisp up and go ever so slightly golden.  You can now freeze these, and take our as much as you want for your dinner at that time.  Say a mug full for a man... Put them back on a baking sheet, 180-200 oC depending on your oven.  15 minutes later, shovel into your face.  To give them a bit more zing, spritz with lemon juice and salt.  Yummy!

Are you ready for bonfire night?  We have a loud film and the calm vapouriser for Eric.  It makes me feel sick from the stink of it, but if it helps him then I can cope with that.

How are you all doing with the book!   OHHHHH I am at an exciting point!!!!!!!!!!  lots of !!!!!!!! ohh er Mrs!!!!

Have a good weekend everyone!!!