Wednesday 16 May 2018

Orange like the sunset...

I am loving that we found a patio under the grass, along with some path ways.  We now have an area to put the patio table and chairs.  And my favourite thing, the orange parasol.

The bridge is filthy and the washing line is still up, but this shows you the area closest to the house.  it is zoomed in to miss the orange wheel barrow and buckets that are lined up.  In the back ground you can see our newly made fence to keep the dogs in this area in the garden, where they cant make a break for freedom.  They pace the fence like you see animals in the zoo.  Looking for a weakness I expect.  Then they flop down under the shade of the apple trees and then 20 minutes later pace the fence again.  I wonder what they are thinking...

Tuesday 15 May 2018

Plants in the rubble

Found this in the rubble at the end of the garden.  I have no idea what it is.  Some one told me it is a dragon arum.  Any ideas?  It is in a small pot, it is about 2 feet tall, it could be a much bigger plant but it is pretty pot bound.

The leaves are approximately 4-5 inches long. And have these white lines on the veins.

The stem of the plant resembles lizard or snake skin.  Weird right?  Yes those are weeds in the pot, brambles and some awful one that if you touch it the seed pods explode and the seeds go EVERYWHERE!  They are like a weapon!

A new succulent, also found in the rubbish pile.  It is in a recycled pot and has long triffid tentacle!  See below.

I accidentally broke on if the stems trying to get it out of the rubble.  I have planted it in some soil to see if it will grow.  Lets hope so.

p.s. this table is sitting on the patio we unearthed.  getting good at finding things arent we.  I must be a Womble.