Wednesday 28 February 2018

Snow 2018

This was earlier, it is still coming down.  The bit under the bridge is one of the ponds.  My poor frogs!  You can now see how close the pond is to the house in the bottom left hand corner.  

I hope you are all safe.  The wind and snow seems to be coming straight off the sea.

There you go {Dave}, the first picture is the part nearest the house.  It looks better in snow.  It is covering up all of the mud and weeds and brambles that have started to grow again.

Hope you are all keeping warm and safe.

Sol xx

These are my own pictures so lets hope I dont have a problem.

Monday 26 February 2018

Vegetable Garden Planning 2018

As the wind and freezing weather are lashing the house, my mind has turned to summer and what could be our harvests.  The garden is large here and the area we will be growing vegetables is nearly as big as our previous homes garden.  It is going to take a lot of planning as the wind is fierce here and comes off of the sea from 2 sides as it is a peninsula.

Dont you just love the picture above?  I would love this to be my garden.  I have grand plans for my tomatoes this year.  I would like to grow as many as possible so that we can make sauce for the winter.  Although passata is only 35p a cube from Tescos at present, I have to see what we can get out of the garden as Brexit will surely make food prices go higher, especially as my beloved passata comes from Italy.

I also need to look into the longer term vegetables such as my lovely greens, I know some people hate them, but I love brussel sprouts, kale, chard, cabbage - anything that is green really.  I will for sure be planting mizuna and escarole (frilly endive), both are a bit punchy for a lettuce.  I am very interested to see if I can grow water cress.  

Unfortunately the ground here is pure clay, I could throw pots from it.  It is deadly slippy and I have fallen and hurt myself several times in the last 5 months.  Once only inches from my neck and head I got up to find 2 huge pointed granite stones, if I had fallen any closer it would have been curtains for me.

The garden is still extremely over grown.  What we thought were weaping willow trees are in fact very old apple trees that are covered in brambles hanging over like ropes.  At the time of viewing the house this area was completely impenetrable, at present we do not know how many fruit trees we have but there are at least 12 apples and 8 pear trees.  Some are in a really bad state and have had limbs come down in the bad weather.

There is also a very large fruit cage that is all brambles.  I had thought about chopping it all to the ground and getting some chickens in to clean it out and add some organic matter to the area, but I am not into having live stock really (although I am sure the dogs would love to sit there watching them like they do at my sisters house.  I presume it is like TV for them, they dont like it when they cluck too loudly though... ha ha).

I am most looking forward to salad items and herbs coming up in the garden.  They are quite expensive in the shops.

What are you hoping to grow?  

edit: this was a scheduled post, I am not sure what I did incorrectly.

Wednesday 14 February 2018

Valentine's Day 2018

Image result for we were together i forget the rest

Hello my lovelies.  I hope you are all well.  New laptop, I have to sort out how it all works as it is a newer version of Office and I am not familiar with it.  How have you been?  

I have a couple of posts queued up, I hope I did it all correctly as I am a little out of practice.