Tuesday 30 September 2014

dont let the sun...

View from next to the holiday home in France last week

Day 2 of being a house wife.  Hmmm  do not know what to do with myself. 
Once the house is clean, what the heck am I supposed to do?  Answers on a post card please...
I looked at puppies to buy for an hour.  I saw an adorable Chug on the ferry home.  then I had a look at border terriers.  Emailed my friend about my new dog crush, she came right back and put me straight.  No dog for me.  *le sigh*
So I made pinto bean chilli instead, from Hugh Fernley-whittingstalls cook book Veg.  It lacked something.  If I make it again I will add smoked paprika.  If you have the book it is page 23.  I dont think the recipe is quite right....  
Do you have any recipes that are you go to...?  


Monday 29 September 2014

Back home

1 John 4:8
He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.
ha ha My first real day as a house wife, after coming back from our holiday in Brittany.  In my jim jams vacuuming the heck out of the new carpet in the new down stairs study, that has doors going out to the garden.  Dirt all over where people have been tracking it in when viewing the house.  Sweating from using a broom on it to lift it.  and then using the Dyson vacuum on max! 
Door bell rings.  I think it is going to be Jane, (my neighbour, she is lovely, but since she has found out I have given up work for a while, she wants to have coffee or tea in the mornings.  Think {Elizabeth} and {Hyacinth Bucket}  click on the names those youtubes make me chuckle.). I tried to ignore the door.  then the knocking started.  *le sigh*, I answered the door, hair looking like I have been electrocuted, curly and standing on end.  no make up. 
And who is standing there?
The Mormon missionaries.  Yep
And not just any missionaries. 
Oh No!
Ones that look like models for GQ. 
They are always so polite.  They looked embarrassed, I tried to smooth my hair.  I told them I was doing house work, they turned and left.  With lots of smiles, I must have looked a fright, half Side Show Bob and half Selma from the Simpsons.  Minus the blue colour to my hair, obviously. 
I officially give up already...
Need to go back to fly lady basics.  Dress to your shoes.  Rookie mistake.  Rookie mistake.
(Small explanation - The builders buying our house have had the sale of another house fall through, so we are back on the market.  In a way it is a relief.  As we haven't found a new house yet.)
How is your day going?

Wednesday 17 September 2014

mooching around...

Not much to talk about at the moment.  We are going to have our internet cut off at some point as we are getting closer to having to move out.  I don't know if I will be able to reply much if you comment. 

But I thought before there might be internet silence, heres a blog on tumbler I love the photos on


Monday 15 September 2014

love it

Have I told you lately that I love you... how much I love my Dyson stick vacuum cleaner?

Being that I am not very tall, it is fantastic on stairs and is easy just to whip around and I love it.  Really I do.  It was really expensive.  But after a fall down the stairs and the old vacuum falling down on top of me.  I thought damn this.  and spent the money on it.  Love it.

The End

Sunday 14 September 2014

500 miles...

Hey there.  Echo, echo, echo...

gosh lots happening at the moment some good some bad, in the news and general life.

We are still looking for a house, with houses going up quite a bit price wise this year, we will have to stay in Gloucestershire and not move to Oxfordshire.  Still in the Cotswolds with its lovely buttery coloured stone, so it is still all good.

I wanted to mention Scotland.  Am I the only person who is a little worried?  I love Scotland, it is a good things seeing as I have to visit the Outlaws.  So many things have not been nailed down and researched or made concrete before this vote.  What will be will be.  But it does seem like jumping into completely black water and not being able to see the bottom for either side. 

One person did say something at work that struck a chord with me (is that the right chord? or cord?).  the person at work is Scottish and lives in England so cant vote.  Firstly he said, that the people of England should be allowed to vote if we still want a Union with anyone.  But, will he need a new Scottish passport to stay in England.  Never thought about that... not at all.  All questions...

So what have you been up to?


Tuesday 2 September 2014


flying bike
After a few weeks off, a few aches and pains from sailing, I have had plenty of time to think, (no TV and little to no internet access will do that to you.).
We have offered on a house out of sheer desperation, it will do for now.  But it is not the 'Forever House'. 
What is my post about today?  Well I have been thinking about WORK.  And with this in mind I have become slightly altruistic.  As I have to work for at least the next 30 years *le sigh*. 
I have already been retraining and hope that on the completion of my course next summer I will be firing on all pistons.  I have already dipped my toe into the jobs market and am at the moment, like with our house search, I am being super picky.  I would really like to work for a company that is in renewable energy or a research company.  It has to be something I am interested in and feel it is making a difference.  I will now get a job as a Sewer Person, you watch!  LMAO
With all of this in mind I have been thinking about how do I future proof my job.  Where I currently am, the job finishes really soon.  Most clerical jobs are becoming automated, this means companies will no longer need any one to type or to check things or even press ENTER to make something happen.  I need something that will grow in the next few years and become a new path.  I need to Future Proof myself.
I have been reading some interesting blogs and tech lately...  here are a few
Forbes - 10 ways to future proof your career
Although I am not over 50, this is also of interest.  Horticulture opportunities?  Who knew.  
{Here is the link}
Be Adaptable
From the Guardian {HERE}
Hottest skills from 2013
Soft and Hard skills will help you adapt


Career Test

I will leave you with what popped up on my screen whilst reading Life Hack.
'It's never too late to start over. If you weren't happy with yesterday, try something different today.
Don't stay stuck.
Do better.'

Are you future proofing yourself and your home?