Sunday 3 April 2016

Oh Lovely TV on Sundays Again!

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Finally there is some lovely TV programmes again.  *Le Sigh*

{The Durells}, has just started, and then straight after is the return of the programme {Home Fires}.  Dare I say it, Downton Abbey got on my nerves towards the end.  I am hoping to love The Durrells and I already love Home Fires.  

Sunday evening just got interesting, rather than the slog towards Monday morning and work.

Now all we need Poldark to be back and we can swoon as well.

Have a lovely week.  

Be kind

P.S. our TV is on its way out again, the screen is very dark, as opposed to last time when it had blue patches...  Will have to look into a replacement part again.  I refuse to give up on it.


Dani said...

I, too, loved Downton. Wish it could've continued...

galant said...

Loved Home Fires, lots of story lines there already ... The Durrells was good but a bit frenetic, but there again, maybe the family were totally mad like that! This has great possibilities, very often the first of a series isn't the best episode but I will stick with this one for at least another episode. But there is the BBC1 drama, too, with Adrian Lester, so I will watch that on catch-up.
Margaret P

Toffeeapple said...

I gave up on TV years ago, will not have one in the house!

Sol said...

Hey Dani, it would have been hard to continue the actors werent aging fast enough/

Hey Margaret, I hope the Durrells is a good programme. And Home Fires I think could be lots of little stories. Lovely

Hi Tofeeapple, I cant help it, I still like TV. Sometimes I just need my head to go numb. Reading a book can transport you somewhere else. TV is it for numbness.

Hope you are all well.