Monday 10 November 2014

Imperial War Museum #3

This  was one of my favourite exhibits.

Blogger is being weird and has added some of the pictures twice.  Sorry I cant seem to delete them or get them in order.  It has even rotated one? 


northsider said...

The Imperial War Museum looks like it's left a profound effect on you Sol? It did on me. Great post!!

Raybeard said...

Highlights the utter futility of war as against negotiation and, perhaps, an imperfect 'agreement', even if the latter takes an eternity.
Must be so cosy and comfortable to have others do the fighting for you and face death and injury on your behalf, while you sit back, perhaps with a glass of wine, to watch telly.

Sol said...

Hi Dave, it really did. I had to leave the Holocaust area. My Gran described lots of the things there like the scissors being thrown from windows, as people were afraid if they didnt they would also be rounded up. She wouldnt talk about much of it. When your a kid it doesnt seem real.

My Father was in the Army, my Brother was in the Marines, my BIL was in the Marines, both of my Grandfathers were lost in WW2 and my Great Grandfathers were in the Army in WW1. I have been trying to do as much documenting of our family as possible.

We have the diary of the MR's Great Grand Father who was in WW1. There are things in that, that you wouldnt believe. One part describes where a man who is disliked by the Officers is sent with a note. to what they all think is certain death. and they seemed to do it to get rid of him. A lady in the library was trying to help me search military archives for the Mr's family in Canada.

Hi Ray, I try to believe in the quote, 'learn from history or you are doomed to repeat it.'

I dont feel I take anything for granted. I am thankful for all the sacrifices people have made for me to be free. I am sorry if this has offended you, I am documenting what I have seen. I understand if you dont wish to read my blog further.

Raybeard said...

??? Was that last para addressed to ME, Sol? If it was, oh dear! Nothing could have been further from my intention than to make some snide comment about your posting. I was just trying to make a general anti-war comment, with the expectation that many would share it - and maybe instead of 'you' I should have typed 'one'. In fact re-reading it now I definitely ought to have done so. Sorry!
Of course I want to continue reading your blogs. There'd be a conspicuous gap if I didn't.
A little misunderstanding to be quickly forgotten? I do hope so.
Peace. XXX.

Sol said...

Hi Ray, whilst there are evil people there will always be war and normal people caught in the middle.

When I was younger I always wondered why didnt all the politicians go to war or get in a room and slug it out. Obviously if that happened now Putin would kick every ones behinds. He is into mixed martial arts fighting. Kings used to go to the battle field.