Saturday 22 November 2014

Cheese for your ears? - Allo Allo


Holy Heck, the man singing on Strictly Come Dancing just murdered the Macarena.

Seriously that band even made Shirley Bassey sound bad the other week.  

They need sacking.

Horrendous Darling!



Anonymous said...

It looks like we stole that show from you guys too.

John Going Gently said...

All too much

northsider said...

It's got to be better than the X Factor, Sol?

Sol said...

Hey Susie, I love Strictly come dancing, but this year the band have been off and the singer (man) terrible. they over shadowed Shirley Bassey you couldnt hear her and it is either the band or the sound man. someone is off.

Hi ya,John, it was so loud and shrill. Did you think so as well?

Hi Dave I dont watch X factor. Never have done it is on at the same time as Strictly.

Gillian Roe said...

I was too busy looking at the dancing. ;-) The music on Strictly is usually really good.

Sol said...

Hi ya Gillian, it was awful! and who the heck would drown out Shirley Bassey! This years band arent very good or it is the sound person. someone is off

Nora said...

Don't really like reality stuff, but sad I missed Shirley.

You did make me laugh tho'....just the tonic I needed today :D x