Friday 28 December 2012

Sheep Like Looking at Modern Art as Well

Out in the sticks in the {Dumfries and Galloway}, in the low land Scottish country side there are many things to look at that are beautiful, breath taking and picturesque.

Dumfries and Galloways also has some hidden secrets, not only the some of the best fishing and shooting spots, but modern art and a {Buddhist temple}. 

In the hills covered in pine trees, along country roads you will think you have gone through a portal and arrived on the other side of the planet, where out of no where, there will be streaming prayer flags blowing in the wind.  And a huge, golden Buddha, with a snakes head as a halo.

Scotland August 2012
The Temple is beautiful and vibrant in colour.
Scotland August 2012
What else can you find in the countryside?  Why modern art in the form of {sculptures} of course...
So there you go, things in unexpected places.
Have you come across things in unlikely places?

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