Sunday 12 March 2017

Stunning pictures

The above picture is a home, it could be a smallholding or a small sheep farm.  Not a bothy, but absolutely stunning.  Scotland is magnificent.  Even when shrouded in mist and rain.

{Look at these real bothies}.  Absolutely stunning.

"Oh Scotland, you slay me!"


Elaine said...

Stunning are not changing your mind about Cornwall I hope?
Just teasing. Parts of Scotland are breathtakingly beautiful, I fell in love with it in the late 1960's when we lived in the Western Isles.

Dani said...

Absolutely beautiful

rusty duck said...

I saw that article too, such beauty. I laughed at the bit about having to wait for a window in the weather to take the photos and waiting a long time! Such is Scotland. But doesn't that make the good days even more special?

Sol said...

Hi Elaine, I love Scotland, but I am a wimp. I wear a coat in Scotland in July!!!! We are set on Cornwall. Shh I have seen 2 houses that could be the ones. But no doubt they will be gone before we are sold. But I can hope!

Dani, so many places up there are stunning!

Ha ha Jessica, I also thought that when I read it. He could have waited for weeks!!!

Raybeard said...

I always look longingly at those ads you see in the papers inviting you to see Scotland by a choice of specified routes by chartered train and ferry. They look so very inviting and I'd so love to do one (or more) taking in the far northern and western isles. Apart from Edinburgh (twice) I've never seen Scotland 'proper'. What's so maddening is that it's all so very accessibly near!

northsider said...

Stunning photos Sol. I wouldn't like to be there in winter though. I am getting fed up of Ireland. The weather isn't great but it's very similar to Scotland with its scenery. I always wanted to live in Cornwall. Now it's Portugal.

Sol said...

Ray, for sure it would be worth it. I have seen dolphins in the Moray firth, flown birds of prey (I am still scared of things that flap), stopped the car in the middle of no where and just climbed a massive hill, I want to say mountain but I have no clue where it was and we would never find it again as it was pre-sat nav. I will admit I find the food really hard so we end up cooking for ourselves. But in recent years, maybe the last 5, it has got better. I swear we went in the very early 2000's and a vegetable that wasnt swede or potatoes was classed as exotic. The best food I had was in fort William in 2014. At the time I still ate fish and meat and we went to a fish restaurant. In the villages I am not sure I would find something. Maybe an omelette? As you eat dairy you might fare better. Then again I travel every where with long life alpro, biscuits etc now as I hate being a pain, and the Mr not being able to eat anywhere because of me. Hope you are well!!!

Dave, Scotland is lovely and yes very much like rural Ireland. I am pleased we have really decided and that is it. No more, ifs or buts. That is it. I cant stand the, but maybe this place will be better. We have said for years we will retire there. After so many deaths in my family last year. Enough, I am not waiting for the never never any more. Plan, budget, move forward. We can do this, we will do it. We just have to wait for the house to sell. 4 weeks till on the market. Then it becomes reality.

I like Portugal, but we still have to work. We therefore have to stay in an English speaking country to make money... sad but true. But I cant wait to live closer to the beach. The dogs will love it.