Monday 13 March 2017


How was your weekend?  The sun is shining today. the dogs are running in and out of the garden or just sunbathing on the step.

I am inside, looking at our budget.  Sounds sad right?  Well not really.  By being on top of it all, I know what is possible and I feel this will stop any disappointment when we start to look at houses.

We are on track to have the house on the market next month.  That in itself is a little scary.  We originally thought we would move to Cornwall to retire.  After a few really hard life lessons last year we are now of the opinion, do it.  DO IT NOW!  We are stepping off the wheel and going our own way.  Very much Cornwall or bust.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you are probably fed up with reading about it.  Come back later in the week, it will probably be about books! lol  Ha Life is funny right?  I have just started to unpack the boxes of books, only for them to be packed back up, hopefully soon when we sell.  I am also going through them again to see what I can get rid of.  I have a weird attachment to some of my books and cant seem to donate them.  I will try.

The budget has been bolstered lately.  The decorator that was to do the dangerous painting, ie the stairs, landing and the floor in the hall down stairs, cried off.  Saying he could fit us in again in a few months time.  I want to be moved really soon.  Posh Boy laid the oak flooring himself after watching youtube.  I have been painting like crazy.  This was a huge saving, even with buying a ladder that is for stairways, and a choppy electric saw thingy.  Cant think of the name of that...  

I then decided enough was enough.  Marched into the garage, took pictures of my bicycle that had a bent front fork and the bicycle I was given by an amazing neighbour at our old house.  Follwing the car crash, I can no longer ride a bike.  Its upsetting as I love  loved riding my bike, but the body cant do it.  On to Gumtree.  

I put the advert on there I think Wednesday, on Thursday, a lovely older couple who have just retired to the area arrived.  Not only bought one bike, but both of them.  AND bought some of the hydrangea plants I have been nurturing from cuttings.  Apparently in the local garden centre they are £8 a pot.  

Also on Gumtree I advertised my beginners archery bow.  Selling it with all the limbs.  I have moved this probably 8 times?  WHY?  The neighbours here, were very intrigued when they first saw our nets down the drive and thought Posh Boy was a keen cricketer!  Lol  Not the  archery range that it is!  The lady who bought it sent me some flowers, as she was so pleased with her new bow.  That really makes me smile.  More money for the kitty.

Posh Boy has sold a few items as well.

We have made more than enough money for the storage/lodgings of the caravan, which I am so happy about.  We have saved enough by being under budget on the main renovation of taking the roof off and putting it all back on higher with enough space for 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  My old boss cant believe we came in under budget.  And then under budget again for the downstairs.  The spreadsheet is screaming I have had such a tight grip on it.  It does mean we will have a larger renovation budget for the next house.  Which will really help us.

Mortgage free is the goal.  If we dont quite make it, we will be pretty damn close.  Mortgage free means freedom.  Its got to be worth aiming for.  Am I right?

You have to have a dream.

I pose you this one question for this week and the future, what is your real dream? You dont have to tell me about it.


Sooze said...

We were the same as you - we planned on moving to the country (we lived on the outskirts of a large Midlands town at the time) when we retired. But then my brother and SiL moved to their dream place in Cornwall, having decided they couldn't wait for retirement. And that prompted us to think, well what exactly was keeping us there? The answer was, nothing. So we did it, 7 or 8 years earlier than anticipated, and it's the best thing we ever did.

local alien said...

WHOOPEE, why not take time out on a sun shiney day to look at your economics when they are in as good a shape as yours. Way, to go, especially with the sales. You have your heart set on this move and so obviously can the Universe. Bet you find your ideal house very soon.

So nice to read a very positive post. Bravo to you and yours on all the hard work.

Sol said...

Hey Sooze, we are desperate to change how we live. Or should I say, where we live. I dont think we will be able to buy a huge amount of acreage. I dont really want to raise live stock or anything like that. Posh Boy would like some chickens for eggs. I still eat eggs so that would be beneficial. as we dont eat meat, I see no reason for use to try and farm on a small scale. We may have to if we get land and we have to pay for it. Then I will get pigs as they will also clear the land. I come from a farming family, I therefore know I have no illusions of what I can and cant do. I want an easy life near the sea where I can grow most of our veg.

Good for you. I hope we can follow in your footsteps and follow you down there. Cheers!!!

Heres to a better life!

Hi ya Linda! I have been out today. Pottering. Ive put some peonies in today. In some pots for colour by the front door incase we dont sell as quickly as I want. I love the idea of the Universe willing us on.

I try and be positive most of the time. If I have a moan then I also have a solution most of the time. Like the decorator, didnt work out, we will do it ourselves and save the money. Use it in Cornwall. all the savings we have made could make or break if we find our dream home and it is a little more money than we budgeted for. I dont know what our dream home is. It has a double garage and a big garden. We have proved we can change the insides of a house, it is just the location and the size of plot I cant ever change. We have to be realistic of what we can get. I dont want to disappoint ourselves.

Hope you are well.

thrift deluxe said...

I drive Dan bonkers singing that song, I think maybe it's because I sing it in my "posh lady" voice.

I love that you've decided to do it now! There are always reasons to not do something so why not just decide and do, I like your style!

Elaine said...

Not boring at all, it is exciting and I am very happy for the two of you for having the courage to go for it. I know you won't be disappointed, you have exactly the right attitude to make it a success. It's brilliant about your sales, and for doing all your DIY jobs. Very satisfying when you work out how much you have saved and kept in the kitty.

Sue said...

We were going to do our 'thing' on retirement but after a conversation in my little shop, on a wet miserable day with no customers venturing out, we decided there and then to go for it, and while the feeling was strong that night we worded and posted off our advert to the Farmers Guardian asking for a house and land to rent. We expected minimal response at first but we got a phone call a few days later from the lovely farmer who was to be our new landlord ... the rest is history ;-)

Brilliant news on selling all the bits and bobs, I'm waiting for car boot season to roll around then I'm stripping the house of all unnecessaries.

Sol said...

Hey Thrift Deluxe, I dont want to keep thinking in 26 years time we can move and do what we want. I want to do it all now

Hey Elaine, I know its going to be hard but it will be worth it. :)

Hey Sue, some of the bits we have sold have been very large. I am hoping to sell some clothes on ebay. I havent a clue how that will go. But some car booting might be in our future :)

Jules said...

I think you're doing brilliantly and I admire your positivity. It will be/is an exciting new adventure in your life. We were intending to move ourselves until himself landed a new job last year. Great for him, but our plans are on hold for the time being. Maybe in another twelve months or so. X

Sol said...

Hey Jules its been hard work. Desperately hard work sometimes especially when you are working full time as well. It will be worth it the day we own a house with no mortgage. Everything happens in order is how I see it. A new job is a new opportunity. Just because the actual move of your plan cant be now, doesnt mean you cant get all your ducks in a row ready.

Hope you are well.