Thursday, 19 June 2014

see ya soon

Nothing to talk about today.
I'm taking the weekend off.
See you Monday hopefully.
House hunting to be done.


Shady Del Knight said...

AOK, Sol! FYI, I am giving you a blog award in my next post tomorrow morning. If your blog is an "award free zone" then simply accept the award as a gesture of friendship and don't feel obligated to take further action. Cheers!

Harry Flashman said...

Sol, how come all the UK bloggers are going off the air? Do you folks know something we don't?

Sol said...

Hey Shady Del, I will of course be honoured. I am not sure what I do but I will look at yours and then follow suit.

Have a good weekend.

Hi Harry, I only know about me. I have 2 assignments to finish and a snag list at the new office of about 200 little niggly things that need fixing, and the new office opening party.

On top of that it is SUPER HUMID. And not many people have any kind of air con not even in one room, so we all become slugs and don't want to move.

Or they are all people that are madly trying to catch up with their gardens or because it is Solstice they are having a party or actually going to Stonehenge to dance naked whilst chanting. ;) A lot of people in the UK are into alternatives to organised religion. They are more what you call 'spiritual' and taken from a lot of different beliefs.

There are lots of things going on all over. I think the hot air balloon festival is on in Bristol also.

Harry where has Dreamer gone? When I went to her blog it said invite only? has she closed her blog?

John Going Gently said...

Hey ho x

Raybeard said...

At least two of my own regular blogger-pals have gone to "Invite only" recently and I feel shut out, not knowing whether they meant to or not. Very disconcerting.

Ta ta for now!

Sol said...

Hi ya John

Ray, I don't know what is going on. I myself don't feel like blogging much at the moment. Too much on