Sunday 13 September 2015

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When I see this view, I know I am nearly at the Haymarket Gallery.

I dont know if I have mentioned before, I am sure I have... I miss living in London full time.  I am so lucky to work a few days a month in London.  I get my architecture and art grove on.  I like to look up a lot.  Too many people spend a lot of time looking down, to miss poop, uneven pavements and walking and looking at their phones.  Boy they miss a huge amount of amazing things.

Not just in London, but in Bath there is The Circus, from Milsom Street, turn left at the top, go right to the end, turn right by pass the Jane Austen Centre and keep going up the hill.  You are in for a treat.  On every house the stone carvings are fabulous.  I think each one is different.  I have wandered around for ages looking at each one.  Maybe I should have been an Architect, so I could design houses with this amount of detail in now.  Houses just dont have the va va voom any more.  

Back to the art.  I have a few pieces, none worth anything, although that doesnt matter as I really love them.  I have a pastel from Southern Italy, that is just burnt sienna on paper of a woman with a child.  God there is depth in those eyes.  My parents bought it from an art school there (for Italian Students).  I also have some modern pieces that when the light catches on them I want to touch the oils.  I dont but I want to feel the bumps and indentations.  

I have on occasion, sat in a gallery and just looked at a painting for a really long time.  This infuriates the Mr, no end.  Nothing worse to him that sitting still.  

I saw {this}, and looked them up on the internet to see if they sell their paintings in Germany and if I could firstly afford something and get Family over there to bring it with them to the UK. (some how).  I am mesmerised by {this} painting.  I dont know what it says to you, but I feel and think it is just before the big bang.  Just a blink of light in the black vacuum of space.  I would love this for my house. Sadly it is not for sale, its a private collection.

I would love to be able to paint, heck I would even like to just be able to crochet.  I would think I was amazing if I could draw.  Over the Autumn and Winter I am going to try and do something creative.  I dont know what, but it is about time I tried something...

What do you wish you could do, creative wise? And are you going to have a go this year?


northsider said...

What about photography So? Why not blog about all that architecture you see?

Sol said...

Hey Dave, I am a little afraid I will drive all of my usual readers nuts with bits of stone and stuff I find interesting. Hell I took pictures of 100's of fossils in limestone in the walls at the hotel we stayed in, in Egypt. It was a Marriott hotel and it was lovely. But the walls. OMG.

I will put some pictures up of The Circus up. I do quite often add pictures of places and buildings I like. I did start a series called UP on here. Maybe I will carry on with that. Like your picture with the horseshoes in the wall. Now that is really interesting to me. to ward off Witches. I have seen it in England. I thought about putting Witches marks on our mantel piece. But I think the Mr wouldnt think it was character...

Vera said...

I used to work in London, and loved it when I did, but glad that we are now in the rural quietness of SW France. I 'look up' as well, and you are right about seeing amazing architecture, lovely skies, and anything else which is up in the air.

As for taking up a hobby...I taught myself to crochet and do other artwork, via YouTube and books bought from Amazon. A friend of mine wants to learn some art skills but she is going to evening classes to do so, but me....well...I prefer the DIY method of self teaching using the aids I have already mentioned. To see something which one has created, no matter what it is, has a 'feel good' factor that is priceless. Vx

Raybeard said...

Even years after that London Eye thingy went up, every time I see it it always looks incongruous for the very focal heart of a great city. Why can't they move the darned thing to Battersea park, which wouldn't be far at all, and at least there it would be in a more appropriate setting?

Sol said...

Hi ya Vera. I love London, I left not long after the riots. And scuttled back to the house we had been renting out in Gloucestershire. It was the stick that broke my camels back. But I like that I am able to get my 'fix' every so often.

I am hoping to be able to do something in the house when it is too wet to do outside. You house is going to look amazing by they way. you have achieved so much.

Ray, it really is a tourist trap. They queue for hours even when they have booked a 'flight'. It is a mess. but no matter for the people in the know there are so many other nice things to see around there.

Harry Flashman said...

I always enjoyed London. The Imperial War Museum. The British Museum, Foyles book store. I liked to go to the little cafe by the HMS Belfast. I rode the train out to see RAF Hendon.

My wife liked it too.

Sol said...

Hey Harry it is a nice day out. Most of the Museums and art gallerys are open to all for free in London. Which is amazing. They only take donations. Unless it is a private exhibition on loan and to pay for the loan and the extra security they charge. No many countries have that in their capital city. They would normally see £££ or $$$ signs and charge. Its the one thing that the Labour Government did that did actually benefit the public. Not only the Brits but also all of the tourists and visitors. I am really quite proud of that.