Friday 27 December 2013

Harry Potter Studio Tour #3

Hi there, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.  Whilst we deal with more problems with our roof and water pouring down the inside of our lounge wall.  I will leave you with some more pictures of the Harry Potter Studios.  I loved it.  There will be lots more to come and lots of pictures. 

This blog after all is my external memory bank. 


Sol x

After the quick film,  the screen goes up and there are the doors to the great hall.  as you can see by the mans face, everyone was super excited.

The door starts to open some more

The gasps as everyone starts to see inside

The surge forward into the great hall. 

More tomorrow.


rusty duck said...

Roof does sound bad. And costly. Good luck!

Sol said...

hey Rusty Duck. It isn't good. That's one down fall of a detached house you have 4 external walls. Its 2 chimneys on either side of the house.

it will all work out. we just need the rain to stop

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the house. Thanks for Harry Potter! I just downloaded J.K.'s newest book. The pen name one.

Sol said...

Hey Susie. I hope the book is good.

The insurance chap is coming the 6th Jan. They obviously have to see to people who haven't had power since the 23rd and who are flooded out of their home.

it will all come good in the end. one way or the other. Insurance will pay or we will.

I hope you don't get too much snow

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your news Sol and hope that it can be fixed very soon.

Sol said...

hey Toffeeapple. Hope you aren't flooded. It will all shake out, it always does. thanks