Monday 23 February 2015

Minds Wandering

The picture above is tomato plants growing on the railway track, the photo was taken last summer.  Top right, if you look closely you can actually see that there are flowers on it.

We may have found a house.  More on that later.  

The weather doesnt know what it is doing...  Big wet snow, then hail, then sleet and then 1/2 hour of torrential down pours of rain.  wowzers.

Is anyone else finding it hard to concentrate? 


northsider said...

Can guess how the tomato plants got there. Somebody flushed the toilet and the seeds grew. Apparently we don't digest tomato seeds.

Look forward to hearing about your house search Sol.

Raybeard said...

Answer to your last question - Yes. Gone down with a bit of something for last few days (cough, splutter, snort - that last being me blowing a runny nose). More remarkable than it seems as it only happens about once every ten years. Totally lacking in energy and ability to concentrate. But, fear not - I'm still watching!

Sol said...

Hey Dave, yeah people dont believe me that when you flush the loo on a train it goes on the tracks. I wonder what they think all the white toilet paper is from. LOL

Yes we may have a house to go to nothing like we wanted no land. we are negotiating now.

Ray!!! Hope you are feeling better the lurgy can really knock you low. I cant concentrate too many things going on

Kev Alviti said...

Sol I don't believe you either! My youngest kept me up until four so I'm struggling to stay awake let alone concentrate!

Sol said...

Haha Kev, seriously it does. here are some links they are trying to ban train companies from allowing it

Anonymous said...


Sol said...

Hey Susie, hows it going...?

I think the weather being grey is making me moody.