Thursday 4 December 2014


At Edgware Tube station, whilst on the platform I saw these tiles on the side of a building.  

I thought they were pretty and better than the wall being covered with dirt.

I like all the colours as well.


northsider said...

Very nice. Did you see the Michael Portillo Great Continental Railways, last night? He visited Israel. The tiling in the Dome of the Rock was incredible. Would love to visit Israel one day. I always thought Jaffa oranges came from Spain. Now I know different.

Anonymous said...

They remind me of playing cards.

Sol said...

Hey Dave, no I am sorry I didnt see it. Israel is on my list to see but there and Egypt arent places I want to visit right now.

Susie they do dont they.

Chickpea said...

I really like them, well spotted. I love looking down a spotting gorgeous floor tiles that most people just don't notice as well. There is someone on Instagram who posts photos of floor tiles she finds in her city.

Sol said...

Hey Chickpea, Hope you are keeping warm, it is really cold here.

I might have to find this person. I like looking up, I do it a lot when talking to people as I am short. but people really miss out on buildings when they just look down at their phone. they are missing the world around them.