Tuesday 30 December 2014

Magic is Might

I've just finished re-reading all the Harry Potter books.  Phew, long but really good.

My Neighbour, the retired Teacher, did something really nice for me.  At her church a man has been cleaning out his house to move to a small bungalow following the death 2 years ago of his Wife.

Long story short, I had said on one of the days that she had invited me in for a cup of tea, that it wasnt worth fixing my bicycle as the parts and labour would have cost more than a new bike.  

He had told her, his garage was full to the top and in there, there were bikes!  And that he was going to leave them against the hedge for people to help themselves to.

Last night she arrived at my front door, breathing huge plumes of smokey looking breath.  And there poking out of the back of her Golf, was a bike.  It is older than me and the tyres have perished.  But its a beauty.  Shiny black frame with just 2 tiny spots of rust on the handle bars. 

So so happy.

I will walk around to his house and thank him later.  

Not only am I talked about as the one who gardens in the wee hours of the morning, but I have also been spotted by a little old couple, who used to look out the window and watch the world go by.  And the world some mornings was me, hurtling by to the train station on my bike.

Today is a good day.

Today has a little magic.


Dani said...

How wonderful :)

Sol said...

Dani it is fab. Its going to be a little strange when all the older Italian people move out of my area. They all came here in the early 1960's mostly all from the same areas in Italy.

Tom Stephenson said...

We have been watching all the H.P. videos from the beginning this Christmas. I love them.

Sol said...

Hey Tom, hows it going? Have you been to the HP studios? I loved it. I want to go again. The first 3 HP films are pretty much exactly like the books.

Caroline said...

How kind - always nice to be on the receiving end of something so thoughtful. Sounds like a fab bike, too. Happy New Year to you and yours :)

Sol said...

Hey Caroline, it sure was nice of both of them. Plus it will stop the plumping up of my body! ha ha. I dont do the gym.

You have a fantastic new year also.

Raybeard said...

Well, the year is certainly ending on a 'high' for you. For your sake may it carry on with such pleasant happenstances in the same vein.

I read only the first three (or was it four?) H.P.s. With stories of such high flights of fancy I always have the same problem as when reading non-earthbound S.F. i.e. it's too much mental effort to maintain a personal connection with what's going on, so my interest flags.
But I full well appreciate how many millions worldwide lap them up avidly, even hoping that the tantalising suggestion of a sequel will one day appear, so I don't take anything away from your achievement in having got through them all, at least for now.
Congrats - and wishing a very happy start (and continuation) of 2015 to you and your closest.

'See' you next year! Ta ta!

Anonymous said...

Read all the books, saw all the movies. :)

Cool about the bike.

Tom Stephenson said...

I met Robbie Coltrane - who plays Hagrid in the films - recently. I was a bit disappointed. He wasn't as tall as I expected him to be.

John Going Gently said...

If I don't get the chance
Happy new year to you

Sol said...

Hey Ray, my comment from earlier has been lost? Eh? Weird.

I didnt enjoy reading till I was about 17. And then Harry Potter came out and even though the books were for kids I really liked them. I think those books spurred on a lot of slower readers. they are Fab.

Susie, glad to read you are with me with HP! And yes very cool about the bike. :)

Tom I would have been star struck I am sure. I am not as cool as you though!

John, good to see you. Happy new year to you as well.

Tom Stephenson said...

Joke - you know, Hagrid... tall... Oh never mind.

Sol said...

Tom, I know, I know. He is only a Half Giant remember.