Tuesday 23 December 2014


The post in which I moan for a minute.  Please feel free to skip today and come back tomorrow.

Wow, my head is pounding.

I went to a job interview this morning.  I got there early after leaving here at stupid o'clock and wandered the town as the interview was for 0745.  I didnt have enough caffeine in my system and I cant eat until about 0930 as it makes me feel sick.  The person interviewing me, reminded me of Catriona from Ab Fab. 

The job advertised wasnt the job being offered, there had been a mix up apparently.  She then asked me more questions about my personal life than about my experience or what I am actually able to do for a job.  Was my relationship solid.  Did I have a mortgage on my house?  Seriously I have never had an interview like it.  It was more a weird interview for a friend or if I was solvent or not.  Bizarre. Not to mention that she left me in the interview room for half an hour and was on the phone to her kids I could hear her through the glass.

My headache is due to going hot, cold, hot and not enough caffeine. 

We sent a pre-application to the planning board, for the changes we would like to do to our house.  Did you know you can do that?  Because of where we live we cant do what we want with our own house.  

Today is a write off.  

I turned down the job with the lady, tried to get the architect off of the phone as he was just repeating himself.  Have made 4 cups of tea, taken 2 solpadeine plus, and gone to bed with the pillow over my head.  

Tomorrow better be better.  I am fed up of compromising. 

Tell me something funny please...  I need some light relief...


Dani said...

Sounds like you need a walk in the forest :)

rusty duck said...

Just saw this on Twitter. Sort of funny, I hope it will do:

"Sweet Dreams are made of cheese. Who am I to dis a brie?"


Sue in Suffolk said...

Roll on spring!
Not funny but just hopeful?

Anonymous said...

The lady who interviewed you was ignorant. Unless the laws are different in England, people can only ask you job related questions. Your relationship and your mortgage has nothing to do with the job.

I liked this post. It was a nice change from all things Christmas day after day after day. Oh, Merry Christmas!

Raybeard said...

Oh Sol! When I read this last night although my sympathies were with you (of course!) I couldn't think of anything 'funny' to lift you, so I thought I'd better leave it to others. Now I come back this a.m. and see there's still a desert here, with no oasis in sight. Oh dear! But knowing the way how moods fluctuate I hope you're feeling a little less depressed now than when you wrote what you did. If I can think of summat do give you a smile I'll return - but if I don't I'll think of you on the morrow when I'm tucking into my Xmas meal of beans on toast - with, in recognition of it being a special day, two fried eggs on top! 'Ta-ta' for now.

Sol said...

Hey Dani, I need a holiday! lol

Jessica - that is pure cheese - get it! pure cheese....

Sue, I am so with you, I am fed up of the dark, wet and cold

Susie, she isnt allowed to ask you about your relationship. Marriage, civil partnerships are protected by law here and what the hell she needed to know about my house for makes the mind boggle. I didnt think about it till I got out side. it was a very strange interview

Ray, I think I had a migraine as I feel better today. but still a little like someone has hit me on the head. Today will be better I am sure. I am not normally so down in the dumps. I dont like moaning. it doesnt help.

nick said...

A bizarre job interview indeed. Why was she asking all those personal questions? As you say, questions like that are illegal. Was she trying to find out if you were under a lot of stress which might interfere with the job? A bloody cheek anyway....

Sol said...

Nick the interview was defo weird.