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Friday, 28 October 2016

Friday, Friday!

picture of Burford, from google
Greetings from the Cotswolds.  Good Morning, how are you?

Have you been to Bibury?  It is very pretty.  Before moving to this house, we did try and buy a house there, but the vendor decided they didnt want to move house after all.  In hindsight they did us a favour.  The house was lovely, but we didnt really think about all the tourists or the cars.  I have since  seen lines of coaches, rumbling outside the house when I have passed it.  Not good. I would hate that.

I have had the luxury of being about to blog hop a lot in the last 2 weeks.  Here are a few new to me blogs and posts from some of my favourite blogs.

Have you seen Linda's Blog?  No?  Go see it {HERE}.

Although not a blog, I saw {THIS} on the BBC.  This is great news post Brexit vote.  We need more of this, more manufacturing.

{Manger}, I have loved this blog for a long time.  So many children and still has time to have such beautiful hair, mix this with her dress sense and ballet shoes I am sure to try some of her recipes.

With the renovations and the loss of my interior design mojo, I have turned to my old faithful read of {Young House Love} and my 2 new finds of  {The Jungalow}, who seems to love house plants as much as myself and {Sopo Cottage}, who renovate and decorate older homes.  They make them beautiful, go see for yourself.

How are you doing with the read a long?  I  only read another 30 or so pages yesterday.  I need to pick it up a bit to be on track, as I am thinking my first few days of the new job are going to long.

On purpose I chose A Christmas Carol, not only as it will be December, but it is also not a huge read, I think it is approximately 100 pages.  I realise many people will be busy and out and about, this coming month.  Plus, well, I just wanted to read it. **** This is in reply to the comment left by a person who didnt want the whole of their comment published.  I hope you read this explaination of the shortness of the book and not choosing another to bulk it out. ;) *****

Right, I am off to put Gardeners World on for Eric, he likes to watch it.

Have a fabulous weekend!  It looks as if it might be quite cold, just the type of weather to curl up with your book, a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.  Spoil yourself with a few biscuits.  I will have ginger nuts, my favourite!

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Pea Soup

picture from google
Hello, how are you today?  Gosh, the fog was thick this morning wasnt it.  

I've moved everything from one end of the house, to the other upstairs bedroom to continue painting.  One last room to go and a second coat of paint on the hall.  It doesnt seem to have covered how I wanted it to.

Still reading North and South, I havent made much of a dent in it yet.  I think I am on page 60.  It is just picking up.  woo hoo

I am also researching a horse trailer or animal trailer.  Are you able to help me with this?  Do you have any advice?  When the farm was sold, it was sold lock, stock and barrel.  I have never had to buy a trailer.  What is the trailer for you ask?  Well I have lots of plants, trees and food storage that I would like to move seperately from the house contents.  What are your thoughts please?  I need some help.  

Moving on - some of the plants I will want to move

The grape vine is looking a bit bare now.  But still has some orange and red leaves on it.  It produces large black grapes, without seeds.

One of my blueberrie is changing colour also now.

Volunteer mint, growing like crazy.

The tops of 2 of my olive trees.

The acer in the front garden is a burgundy colour now.

The acer in the back garden is a frothy pink colour.  They are the same type of tree, I cant remember the name of it.  Strange that one is dark and one is light?

The front garden looks like this all over the grass.

Can you believe it!  Olives on one of my smallest plants.

They are tiny, but are changing colour.  Its only about the size of my little finger nail.

Oca, growing away happily.

And my smallest of all olive trees, which also produced fruit, all very tiny, some are like little dots!  Lol.  They grew though!  That is all that matters to me.  Who knows, when we move we may plant them in the ground!  Then for sure we would have to stay!  I cant leave my beloved olive trees behind.

What do you know about trailers?

P.S. I also hope to be like this lady when I am 82!