Thursday, 25 August 2016

It must be time for some music

Loved this song, I had a top just like this.  I had to sneak it out in my bag when I was going to stay at my friends.  Her parents were a lot more easy going than my own.  That was until I saw a picture of myself wearing it.  Too skinny and nothing to fill it.  It fitted my friend better than it did me.  LOL 

We used to go to an under 18s nightclub that shut at 11.  lol  And you've guessed it, everyone sat down on the floor and sang their heart out.

This song I remember vividly.  We were in a friends bedroom, listening to this song, her parents were down stairs working out, who got what in the divorce.  Weird as a teenager how you just go with it.  

There you go, a bit more of the 90's through my eyes and ears.

Have a good day, I hope it is a little cooler.  Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Colour Anxiety

Scotland June 2014
First world problem alert.  Pretty picture for calming craziness over stupid things.

I am now panicking about the colour of the walls for the main bedroom, the en suite and the bathroom.

Thoughts please

Chic Shadow for the en suite?  Its kind of none descript.  Am going off it.  The en suite is to the main bedroom

Urban Obsession, for the main bedroom?

Lost Lake, for the main bathroom upstairs.  It isnt as {mediterranean blue} as I wanted.  

All 3 paints are from Dulux as you can see.  

Should I paint them on and if they are no good, change the colour to something else?

At least if it is a mistake it isnt wall paper.  Right?

Stairs arrive tomorrow I am told.  I will be able to see the rooms and not just in a picture tomorrow night.  It doesnt help I havent been able to look at the rooms since they removed the old stairs.  Expect picture over load over the next few days.

Now back to the paint, these are all going in the loft conversion.  What do you think?