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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Maybe it is really all fairies and unicorns

I tried to embed {this video}, but was unable to as it isnt youtube.  *cough* Voldermort *cough*  *giggle*  As its Brooklyn shouldnt it be served in a jam jar?  Or as it is called over there a mason jar?

Have you ever looked at {The Crazy Jewish Mom}, instagram?  That has made me laugh a lot.  Anyone with foreign parents or grandparents will really get a kick from it.  Marriage into a good family with a Husband with a degree from a prestigious university is wished for, for all daughters from their first breath.

For the Read A Long this month we are reading Lolita.  We will be blogging and discussing it on the 21st January, to give anyone time time to finish it and join in.  The next book is Mansfield Park.  Feel free to join in any book you like and not when you dont fancy the book.

Now how to work out, how to take that pesky poll down from the side bar...  Off to look now...

Monday, 16 January 2017

Start of a new week and a small confession

This is Devon not Cardiff but it is the only picture of the sea I could find!

With Brexit and everything else going on, I am seriously cheered to read things about the Tidal Lagoon that is too be built in Cardiff.  You can read about it {here}.  This makes me seriously happy that we as Brits are starting to look to the future and securing our own energy from the huge natural resource that is our tidal seas and estuaries.  Lets hope that they think about making more than the ones that are already earmarked.  There are also deep basins in Devon and Cornwall. They could both do with the economic boost of the jobs.

Hooray, I say.  

To be politically independent you have to be economically independent. 
To be economically independent you have to be energy independent.

p.s. I am glad I moved some investments out of cash funds (that were giving a poor return), and into bonds and something I said I would never do, and invested in Tobacco, to bring the portfolio back into being more rounded.  I know you have probably just shaken your head at that.  I know, I am disappointed in myself.  It is for a short time only, until the PM sorts herself out and gives us a real plan of what is going to happen.  As it is, the markets are hugely volatile at present, before her statement this week, concerning Brexit.  (I have a huge list of companies i.e. Nestle etc that I will not invest in.  Along with anything that harms anyone or animals.  This did include tobacco.  I feel this erosion greatly.  And will remedy this as quickly as possible as it makes me feel very uneasy).  Why am I telling you this?  Well you have to keep it real dont you.  Its not all fairies and unicorns and pretty interiors.  Hard choices have to be made and some really go against the grain.