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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Caravan bits and pieces

the wheels fallen off!

Life is a bit odd right now.  Am not sure if I am coming or going.  Anyways, on to the caravan.

We didnt move the caravan at the weekend.  Posh Boy wants new carpet, so it is to stay on the drive for a few more weeks whilst we sort it out.  The one above is quite close to ours.  The door behind the wheel at the back.  

We also havent put the the awning up.  That will be a laugh for the neighbours I am sure.

I bought some saucepans for the caravan in Tesco, reduced to £13.  {Circulon}, is the make, I was amazed when I saw the price of them on Amazon.  I got a real bargain there didnt I!

The fail was I also bought {these Bodum mugs}, for £5 in the same Tesco.  They have to go back and get a refund, if they have a hot drink in them. the glass of the mug which is only single skin, touches your finger when you pick it up by the handle.  These are going back today. Dangerous.

We already have a kettle, one for the electric and one if we need to use the gas burner.  Why the 2?  Well we arent having much in the caravan and I would rather if we have an electric hook up, use the electric, than the gas stove.  I am not sure I will use the gas stove much as it kind of weirds me out that I might not turn it off properly and we will be sleeping in the same area.  

We were quite lucky when we bought this caravan, they left it containing most things.  The electric hook up cables, the waste water containers, a sack truck if you need to get water, a gas bottle, the step to get in.  All things we would of had to buy if we had bought it from a dealer.

I am really quite pleased with it.  I am booked in on a training weekend, to make sure I am OK, incase I have to tow it.  Which will probably be never, but I need to be prepared, just incase.  We will see how we get on with it and then later if we really enjoy it, we will bring forward buying a motor home.  Which we werent going to do till we retired.  After last year I say, sod that, do it whilst we can.  

The house is shaping up slowly.  Unfortunately for us, our mortgage is at an end, so today we had a surveyor around to value the house for the mortgage company.  We are remortgaging as we may not sell as quickly as we would like.  And we can always move it with us if we find THE FOREVER HOUSE, that is that little bit more than we have equity in the house....  Ha ha as if the forever home really exists.... lol  I make myself laugh.

Tell me somewhere good to visit in Cornwall that isnt Eden, or the Lost Gardens of Heligan... I am writing my Cornish bucket list of places to see.

What plans do you have for outings or holidays later this year?  

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Mansfield Park - Read a long.

Good Morning!  I hope you are all well.

It was a race to the end with this book.  I really must work my timings better and actually look at how many pages there are and not reading other books in the middle.  Righty ho, onwards, from a book about a paedophile in Lolita to an adulterous affair in Mansfield Park.

The beginning I found quite long, but I think is needed to set the scene of propriety at the time.

I would have hated very much to have been alive at the time I think, I would more than likely have been a servant!  lol

I can see some of the similarities between the upper class then and now.  Although, I think girls, ladies if you will, no longer care so much for their name and modesty.  You only have to watch programmes like {Geordie Shores} and {Made in Chelsea}, to know that this is no longer worried about, especially when it is now seen as the thing to do, to be on TV and wash your undies in public.... (none of the casts are good role models at all.  Its like a race to the bottom with Geordie Shores from what I hear.  I've only ever watched 2 of it programmes.  It was a horror).

I feel we all know a Mrs Norris, one who thinks that they are the epitome of style, taste, local knowledge etc.  In real life I shy away from these people and try and not have much to do with them.  As they tend to try and walk all over you, with their supperior knowledge.  Wide berth on that one.

Mrs Bertram needs to get a back bone.

Fanny Price, had feelings for Edmund early on, (first cousins are no longer permitted to marry).  I wonder how many aristocrates would now a days become a Vicar or Priest.  Not many I would say.

The book was quite longe compared to modern books, but I dont feel that once I got into it, that this took away from its story.  Will I read it again? Not for a while.  There are lots of other classics to read.  I will revisit it in a few years.

6/10 for Mansfield Park.  Above average, but not high enough I will read it between other books, whilst completing the read a long.

I am very much enjoying the process of reading these classics.  And I am delighted if anyone joins in.  Join in when you like the sound of the book, if you want to miss it out and go on to the next, do that to.  I am just pleased if you want to join in on any of the books!

Can you believe we are on to book number 5 already!

On to the next book, {The Handmaid's tale}.  I didnt know until I Googled it, is going to be a new TV series in April.

I hope this book doesnt disapoint, I read it at school and I think now that I have read even more dystopian fiction that this one will really light up for me.