Thursday 16 December 2021


 Said to his Lordship

"It will be so nice when we dont have to do the knee walk and the physical jerks of reaching behind your head for the toilet paper, without twisting and falling off of the loo seat.  All so you dont put your foot through the floor".

We have grout in the kitchen floor tiles.  At some point the drain man will be back to sort out the new kitchens drain.  As the new kitchen used to be 2 bedrooms that we have knocked through.

All go.

How are you all doing?


local alien said...

Progress. Please keep us n blogging Ng Sol. It's so interesting following your house adventure

Sol said...

Hey Linda, I am scared to walk in the toilet in case I fall through the floor

gz said...

You will get there!!
Not much progress was good enough for a bike ride...but that meant nil progress in the greetings cards!!

Sol said...

Hey gz I have only a few cards to do that I missed. I am naughty. I have a file with addresses saved on the computer. I can either print straight on to the envelope or a sheet of labels. I then sign all the cards the same! lazy lazy. I went to the city today. Lots of idiots all complaining that they dont like wearing masks. All the people getting on the park and ride bus said the same thing. "oh last we didnt have to wear a mask". The poor bus driver had to ask everyone in the queue, please put on a mask. the bus was full. I would hate that job