Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Read a long book - Wurthering Heights

Yorkshire Moor, Ribblehead Viaduct, Pixabay
Wurthering Heights.

Apologies to Ray, I am so sorry this is so late in coming to the blog.  

Revenge is a dish best served cold, should have been the title of Wurthering Heights. 

Heathcliff is filled with vengeance and wrath.  A few thoughts popped into my mind when reading this, (I always feel the need to think about this if it were set in modern times).  His fixation with Catherine has made him mentally ill.  At some points I felt that she played him and enjoyed his out bursts and jealousy.  She has clear narcissistic tendencies.  If this was now a days and someone described these two, to me I would think there was bound to be problems and tell them he needs to seek counselling.

Although Heathcliff goes away and comes back educated and with pots of money, from who knows where.  The rest of the book is purely set in one village.  No one seems to go anywhere but to church, everything else must be grown and produced on the properties.  That is pretty isolating, where as other books written at this time, the characters are more worldly and venture to London or to the sea.  This insular environment would suffocate me.  And Cathy having never left the grounds of the estate, although it may have been vast, means that other than her father and the few servants she will have come into contact with, she would have had a very very small world.

Was Heathcliff in love with Catherine, or did he see her as his possession?  Was he really a misogynist or a love sick puppy who went a little la la?

The book is filled with sadness on nearly every page.  And after years of plotting and scheming and then is plan coming together to get both estates by marrying is invalid son to Cathy.  He has a contract drawn up so that she would not inherit her fathers property on the death of Linton.  That is pure evil genius.  Along with what he does to Hareton is beyond despicable.

Towards the end, Heathcliff seems to lose his mind.  Its as if he no longer has a reason to live, he just gives up.  Maybe he is hallucinating through lack of food, or maybe he really is seeing Catherine, come to take him with her.  

I also found it a little ghoulish that he digs next to Catherine's coffin, breaks the side of it down so that they touch when he is buried.

Nelly to me is the real subject of the book, being the person who is telling the story to Lockwood.  Lockwood being a some what nosy bystander.  

And at some points in the book I would have liked to have slapped Joseph.

My friend absolutely loves this book and has waxed lyrical about it.  "Oh, and when you get to this bit, text me.  I want to see what you think!", she said.  She also said, "maybe you should read it again, you might get more from it".

I didnt like it.  I cant see myself reading it again, if I did, I think I would watch one of the film adaptations of it.  That way getting me into reading it again.


I would love to read your comments on this.  Especially if you love it.  I am trying to love all the classics and am looking for other people points of view.  Maybe one of your reviews will make me read the book again.

p.s I have blogged this on my phone which is super hard.  I apologise if there are spelling mistakes I cant find the icon to check.

p.p.s I realise that the picture is of another area of Yorkshire, but when I typed in Yorkshire moors, that beautiful picture came up.  Isn't it stunning?

Monday, 17 July 2017

Getting quotes...

Part of moving house for us is getting someone to pack our house up and transport it all for us.

The man came with his tablet wandered around, I told him what comes apart and what doesnt.  Then we went to the shelves.  He started counting shelves.  And you can see his head turning to the side to read the titles.  A little nod of the head every so often told me he had read a book on that shelf.  

When I look at peoples houses on the internet, I always look to see what books they have on their shelve.  Same as magazines, a picture of a person in front of book shelves, forget they are wearing some new fashion, I am the person who turns the magazine and brings the picture closer so I can squint at the titles of the books (I know the shelves will have been styled, it doesnt matter to me, I will still look).  To see if that person is a 'me' person or not.

With tablets and kindles and other e-readers I wonder if we will be able to tell what people read in the future?

I saw {THIS}.  I liked it.

Have good day.

Friday, 14 July 2017


I spoke about carp in the comments the other day and then saw Rachel's comment on Cro's blog, about Russian Salad. My family recently all cleared the local Lidl out of frozen carp.  Its in a white bag with flowery bits on it and the make is called Polish Taste.  

Now a lot of people have an adverse reaction to the thought of eating carp.  "Ew, its tastes like dirt and pond water".  Well, yes it can, but people who catch it to eat it regularly know you have to purge it.  Like they do with snails.  They give them only leaves and no dirt to travel over and voila, no dirt taste.  

Big business has taken away the need to spend all day at a lake or pond, we can drive to Lidl park and then calmly hustle in as fast as can be to get them into the trolley as fast as you can.  

Serve with butter and sumac.  Or if you are fancy you can have carp and Russian salad for your meal on Christmas eve.  (yes I really just used the word Christmas, get used to it, its less than 6 months away).

I Googled it to see if I could find it, but then I found {THIS} and saw the below youtube.  lol  

Run dont walk!  Enjoy!!!

And the bonus, a 5 minute trolley dash in Lidl, because everyone needs to buy a wardrobe in a supermarket!

If it was me I would have stayed with the electronics and the coffee aisle and gone in earlier in the day to choose what I needed to get and memorised where to go.  But that is just me.  5 minutes isnt long!

Thursday, 13 July 2017

This onion is made for walking

My family talk about all weird and wonderful things.  Most of all we talk about growing vegetables.  Being able to grow as much as you can at home with little input is my type of gardening.

Whilst drinking my millionth cup of tea of the day, a little bit dozy as I am emotionally tired, bordering on exhaustion at one point, my ears heard something I hadnt heard of before...

{Egyptian onions}.  My cousin and my aunt are fierce vegetable gardeners, both have had 6 children.  My aunt has 28 grandchildren and has started on great grandchildren like my mum.  (My mum has 8 already.)  Family dinners take a lot of food.  The more you can grow, the less you have to buy.  My cousin said she thought that there would be lots of free onions next year.

Now I did dredge my mind and I am sure I had read about them before but by the name walking onion.  Its called this as it spreads like crazy, but if there are lots of mouths to feed I think this would be an excellent plant to have in the garden.

My questions to you are

Do you have Egyptian onions?

Do you eat the raw as well as cooked?

Is the flavour milder than brown onions?

How many do you think are equal to one brown onion?

I am thinking I will just have one massive bed of this and let it go at its own pace.  Weeding must be easier as they are already a set and not a seedling that you could accidentally weed out thinking it is a bit of grass.  (yes I have done that before, doh!)

What are your thought?  Hit or Miss on Egyptian onions?

p.s. my dad was sat up in the bed yesterday, progress!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Bread from Pompeii

A complete change from the subject of late.  I enjoyed this on the ipad with my dad.


Monday, 10 July 2017

Treading water whilst holding hands

I am home for a few days, my Dad is now on a normal ward in the hospital.  I heard him speak yesterday, before I left.  I cant explain it, but the relief has been like a pain in itself.  I thought I would never hear him ever again.  

I have felt like a pause button was pushed and now life is playing again. Slowly, but it is playing.

The bubble which we were all in has burst, but before we all start hurtling through life again, I wanted to just say, family is a massive thing.  Massive.  When you dont want to hear beeping, or to have to anxiously try and listen to a nurse as you watch wiggly lines on a monitor with numbers going up and down at the side of the screen. Tubes going every where.  The sweet sound of the whisper of the person in the bed, when he politely tells you "Solly, you look like death" and you joke back, "you arent so hot yourself".  My god, it is like air rushing into your lungs and you didnt know you were holding your breath.  

Yep, family is a massive thing.  There maybe lots of us, and we all have opinions on each others lives.  We interfere with the best of intentions.  Joke and rib each other a little too hard as we know we will get 'rises' from each other.  But when all is said and done.  When the chips are down, family comes through.  Hand holding, tissue givers, dinner makers, ironers, baby sitters, dog sitters, tea makers, petrol fairies, floor sweepers, sweet notes written in wobbly hand writing of 4 and 5 year olds, prayers said out loud at dinner by said 4 year olds when they try and remember that they are supposed to say thank you for something and it turns out they are super thankful for a felt tip pen - you all snigger, sniff a tear back, because you are saying your own private prayer where you are bargaining with god.  "God if you do this I will give up that, and wont do this any more.  Ok god.  I hope you hear me.  I promise I wont, just make him wake up...."  praying to a god that you havent prayed to since you were a little kid and Father Christmas was real.  Heck family comes through, we may hate each other one minute, but we are stronger together and when the call comes we are all there.

I used to be really embarrassed when we used to go any where together when I was younger.  I didnt want people to see us as this massive loud family, with all the kids.  "dont they have TV's at home?", is usually heard.  We are the baby wearers, the toddler wranglers, the people in the restaurant you never want to sit next to.  We field questions from little kids with out batting an eyelid.  Why is the sky blue?  Why do boys have nipples?  My favourite of the week?  We were watching Outlander, my mum pipes up, he can make me coffee any time *Cough hic* (My mother cough hics when she thinks she is being funny).  5 year old who has an ear infection and is on the sofa sleeping, "whats the difference between a skirt and a kilt?".  "A skirt is usually worn by a lady and a kilt is made of a cloth that shows someones family name, its tradition and is usually worn by a man".  Some creasing of the brow of the child.  "so if I give my skirt to Alfie and I have written our name on it, its a kilt?".  "shall we Google it?", I replied.  "No its ok, I will tell him he has to wear it, its tradition". (Alfie is 3).  Back to the family.  Yes, I am no longer embarrassed.  

I am no longer embarrassed.  I dont care for you looks, I dont care that you think we should all shut up.  I dont care if you think you are better than us.  I dont care if we hug the same person 15 times before we leave to get in different cars that are all going to the same house like we arent going to see each other for a year.  I dont care that we block the pavement.  I dont care for your rolling of the eyes if we have 5 toddlers and only 2 high chairs and you think by tutting and remarking that "you would have thought that we would have told the restaurant that we had so many children".  I dont care if you accept the desserts my family send you, as my Mother heard you tell the waitress that its you anniversary, or not.  I dont care if you are being disturbed by us standing up and passing a baby down the line so that person can eat their food.  If you are that worried, stay home and dont choose the restaurant near a hospital, where there are going to be lots of people like us, who have someone inside the buildings next door.  I am not embarrassed. If you were in our shoes I bet you would wish that you had as many as I have in my family.

My family is massive in many ways, heart, soul, noise, hugs, kisses, (why have one when you can have 15).  More hands to hold yours, more hands to squeeze yours. More talking more reminiscing.  More, just more.

We are all treading water, I am just grateful I have lots of people holding my hand.

*thank you everyone for your worry and your thoughts and comments.* I think of them as a digital hand hold.  

We are on the up.  I dont know how long he will be in there, but I hope he will be home soon.  We have a lot of noisy living to do together, a lot more congratulation celebrations to be had, more marriages, more babies, more christenings, more baptisms, more exam results.  More us.  More, just more.  In my mothers words, "Love one another", thats all. 

thank you again for your kindness and if you got to the end thank you for reading.  you can be an honourary member of my family, I will digitally hold your hand any time you need it, no matter what for.  

Because sometimes, there are no words just gestures.

Monday, 3 July 2017

I'm Spinning Around


Hello, sorry for the radio silence.  

We had a mad dash to Cornwall to look at some houses, only for my sister to call and say my mother had fallen and had hurt herself quite badly and had stitches to the head.

Whilst there, my dad felt ill and had been coughing a lot but had not had a cold.  His leg was stiff and hot and when we looked him over it looked like he had been kicked in the leg.  My cousin said we best go to casualty with him.

My dad had a DVT in his leg but also had another in a major vein that needed surgery.  He has previously had a {PE}, this made him need an emergency operation.

As my father is older now, the operation was a huge thing and unfortunately there were complications.  He is now in ICU whilst they try and stabilise him enough to go on to a normal ward.  He was in high dependency for a week.

Fingers and thumbs everything works out.

My mother is OK, although obviously worried about what is going to happen.  She isnt liking that they cut her hair...

Ray I owe you a book review.  Now I have my laptop I will be on it!  It will take my mind off of everything for a while.

Hope you are all well.

Sol xxx

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Happy Summer Solstice Everyone! 2017

Good morning everyone!  HAPPY SOLSTICE!

Feels good that the weather is a little cooler doesnt it. 

Ahhh Solstice.  For some it is a little sad, as they think it is the half way point and from here on it is darker days.  Lets not think that.  Lets think it is 6 months to the next solstice, makes it seem AWaaaayyy over there→→→→→→, right?!

What are you up to?  We are off to my friends house to dance our bums off after a BBQ dinner.  The neighbours are joining us dont worry.  (She is one of my Stonehenge Solstice going buddies).

On the 24th we are celebrating with family, there will be lots of seafood (and veggie alternatives), the kids can stay up till they drop asleep on their feet.  We are going in big as it is the weekend (and when my family would normally get together at Michelmas it will be a week day, boo hiss)

Book review will be tomorrow!

Have a lovely day, remember to be 'Sun Safe'.

***************Happy Solstice!****************

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Looking at houses is hard work

Please excuse any weirdness on my blog right now.  My blogger account seems to be having a wobbly (thanks Dani for pointing out the broken bits!).  I may have switch to another blogging system as it has been hard work the last few weeks.  I apologise that I havent been reading your blogs and commenting, my blog feeder where I have followed your blog hasnt been working and I havent been getting you up dates.  Sorry about that, please leave a comment if I havent left a message/comment on your blog lately. 

 *Now on to todays post!*

Its a completely different ball game when you are trying to find a house that you are looking at to do up and move up the ladder.  You have to flip your brain to find a house to stay in.  The forever home is elusive it would seem.

My head and heart are still divorced, all I see is a spreadsheet and what it would be worth after.  Its like I need someone to inject me with "fall in love with a house" juice.

(I think the problem is, there arent a lot of house with land in our price range.)

Lots of people I know, say that when they went through the front door of their house, they got the warm and fuzzies.  Yarp, no fuzzies.

Looking for a forever home is really hard work.

(Nice and hot isnt it.  Although we did turn the air con on last night.  You know, for the dogs...  They have been following me around and collapsing on the floor, any tile will do.  Bathroom floor seems to be the favourite right now.)

Friday, 16 June 2017

Thursday, 15 June 2017


Thinking outside of the box.  I dont really agree with zoos, but this is really clever.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Thinking about profit

I am trying to think about multiple streams of income for when we move.  (((That is if we get land))).  There are lots of youtubes on this and I am getting lots of inspiration from it.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

We need another six books

Hello!  Hope you are having a good weekend.  If you are joining in with the read along, we now need nominations for the next 6 books.  This gives everyone, the time to find the books in the most cost effective way.

I would like to try and keep it to the classics as much as possible, but I am open to ideas and thoughts.  Do you have a book that I just have to read?  Tell me about it!

And go....

p.s. the handmaid's tale TV series in now on.  I think it is quite good!

Thursday, 1 June 2017


I love a bit of Dolly.  Did you know that?

I have butterflies right now.  We are in limbo, half way between this current life and the one in my dreams and minds eye.  My minds eye is vivid in colour, a place where there is never a grey sky and the garden is magically water some how.  :)  You know the type of dream you have, that when you wake you are sad it wasnt real.  

I finish my contract next week.  Then I will be a lady that lunches for some time.  I am a little scared of not having a structured day.  A daily list to keep me going.  I am afraid I will be in a holding pattern, circling, not sure if our dream will come to fruition.  (Eric just glared at me, as in the back ground of writing this I have Dolly Parton youtubes playing.  He is a Shirley Bassey fan, he likes it when I rush about with the vacuum).

We havent seen a house yet, we are going to rent we think.  Sell pretty much everything in the house apart from my books.  They are going to my parents house.  The house is ready, we are waiting for the estate agent and for the photographer to give us a date.  Since when did estate agents use real photographers.  I  am thinking magazine photo shoot!  lol  it will be far from that, dont worry.

Butterflies I tell you.  Huge ones that make me feel sick and giddy at the same time.  Like aliens waiting to burst out.

When I hear this song I think of the {TV series Butterflies}, (that is me dancing with the dogs and throwing dog treats about!!!).  I have had many a cooking disaster like Rea.

I am sure many people who have moved to their small holding or their much anticipated forever home, felt exactly like this.  Scared to let go of the old, embrace the new.  I am sure there will be many frustrations.  I am sure we will buy a house that is a pit like this one was.  I am sure the garden is going to take years to get going and functioning like my grand parents.  I am sure, that I will be frustrated with the 'dreckly', that is employed further west, (I already have to ask my parents when they say a time, is that Devon time or London).  My MIL opperates on Cornish time.  We will get used to it.  We are hoping for a time of adjustment, where we slow down a little.

I am sure I will want to rush making any house our own.  I am sure we will want to rip the bathroom out as soon as we move in.  I am sure the dogs will be out of sorts.  I am sure I will be out of sorts.  I am sure I will need to get water butts and underground rain water storage in as soon as we can.  I am sure we will need to get the veggie garden up and running as soon as we can, even if it is just marking it all out.  I am sure that no matter what, if there is a garage it will leak.  I am sure that if we get a house with oil heating, there will be no oil in the tank.  I am sure that I will have problems with my food storage area, no where has the pantry of my dreams (it looks like a bunker!).  I am sure that there will be a hole in the fence that one of the dogs will find.  I am sure, we will not like at least one neighbour, who on first meeting us, will slag off the last owner and say something like "I hope you arent going to be like the last owner and not fix the wall where it is falling down, my in laws always comment on how unsightly it is", which will make me want to scream in their face as the removal men will be bustling by and they are getting an eyeful of the contents of our house.  I am sure the removal men will drop something like my dining table or my only heirloom my Grans cupboard.

I am sure we will have a hard time sorting out the council tax, the water board (putting a metre in), the oil company or the gas company.  I am sure, on the day we move in we will find that one of the doors doesnt lock or a window doesnt latch properly.  I am sure once everyone has gone and we are alone.  I will quietly cry in the toilet, with hot, stinging tears of "what the hell have we done".

What I am sure of, is the feeling that we will be free.  Like a long held breath under water, where you are trying hard to hold it in as long as you can and it starts to burn a little.  Letting it go of that feeling will be a little giddy at first, then the spreadsheets will come out and we will work.  Work hard to make it work.  Just like if we cashed it all in and moved to France, it will be hard to come back from it financially.  (houses are cheaper down there, if houses all across the country appreciate at 10%, if we buy one for 400, we will increase by 40, where as a 700 house up here will make 70.  The gap every year will be larger and larger.)  We are in it for the long haul.  No going back.

The sea is calling me, a new life beckons.  Lets hope it is as good as the dream.

I will leave you with a lovely duet of Dolly and Miley Cyrus.

p.s. if you want to see what my current house looks like.  Leave me a comment with the email you use to sign in to blogger.  I wont publish it. I will add the email to my private viewers list.  I will give you warning again as my blog will go private whilst they are up.  But I am thinking what about Tuesday?  Ok.  there we go.  Todays post. *dances out the room to throw cornflakes about*.  (I am actually off to make the dogs dinners.  The glamour never stops in this house.  All go!)

Wednesday, 31 May 2017



The veg patches we added to the garden are greening up like crazy.  I have to hair cut the mizuna every day.  I am adding it to everything.  Rice?  Stir it in at the end.  Pasta?  Add it to the bottom of the bowl.

The dill is coming along nicely.  I have dried oregano, ummm smells lovely.  I have taken rosemary cuttings and some pelargoniums, I hope these take as it will save money.  

How is your garden doing?

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Jane Eyre read along 2017

I have much enjoyed this book.  It went too fast really.  

Too begin a feisty girl, taunted and abused by her cousins, loathed by her guardian aunt (by marriage), sworn to keep her as her own, her dead uncle being the brother of her mother, are you still with me?  Sent away at 10 to a school for girls.  Its strict.  She befriends another girl of steel grit and strong faith.  Her faithful friend dies young, embraced by Jane whilst they sleep.  

Jane becomes a teacher at the Lowood school where she was sent.  She decides that she would like to change her lot and advertises for a governess position.  A lady replies to the advert and Jane takes the position as the governess of a young French ward of Mr Rochester.  

Mr Rochester being the man of the house and the lady, Mrs Fairfax is the house keeper who answered the advertisement.  

Jane falls in love with Mr Rochester, whilst he is entertaining friends at the house.  At this time, strangely the bedroom of Mr Rochester is set on fire, whilst he is in bed.  Jane hears what she thinks is giggling in the hall and tells Mr Rochester this when she saves him.  

One of the ladies who is staying at the house, he eludes that he would like to marry her.  Jane resigns herself to this fact, her being of a lower class than them.  She advises that if this is the case, she will move on to another house and that the ward should be sent away to school.  

After testing her to see her true feelings Mr Rochester proposes to Jane.  She writes to an Uncle in Madeira.  Small world moment, it is found that a man on the island is the brother in law of Mr Rochester and he had been married to a girl in Jamaica.  She is mentally ill and is the one who tried to burn Mr Rochester in his bed!  A representative and the BIL rush to stop the wedding and get their just in the nick of time. (that was lucky.  Phew for Jane)

After being propositioned my Rochester to be installed somewhere in France and be his mistress, Jane makes off in the night as she is a God fearing woman.  She gets on a coach, and gives the driver all of her money.  She then forgets her meagre belongings and is left destitute.  She wanders the countryside and comes to a village.  A moment of "there is no room at the inn" happens.  She sees a light in the distance and follows it to a small house.  Where a servant and 2 young ladies of the house are.  The servant goes to send her of with a flea in her ear.  The master of the house is coming home at that time and is a pastor.  He brings her in to the home as she is dead on her feet after not eating and wandering for 3 days.

He can see that she is well educated and has been given money by the local bigwig, whose daughter has designs on marry the pastor, to start a school for girls.  Jane takes the job of the teacher, giving a false name.  She writes to Mrs Fairfax to see how Mr Rochester is.

The pastor and his 3 sisters are living in the small house as they had lost all of the family money, having been the aristo's of the area for generations.  They were hoping to inherit a fortune from a relative who had made good abroad.  This relative has died and the money has been left to another.  The daughter of the relatives brother, the uncle of this family.  No one can find the daughter.  In the interim, the sisters take work as governesses.  The pastor is devout and wishes to go to India to be a missionary.

Jane having concealed her real surname, begins to enjoy her life as a school mistress.  The daughter of the big wig, calls on her and the school.  Jane drawers a portrait of this lady and her father wishes her to complete it as a painting.  The pastor visits Jane whilst she is still finishing the picture.  Jane has signed the picture with her original name.  The pastor snatches the name off if the picture and leaves.  

He then returns and confronts Jane, telling her the story of the uncle abroad being dead and leaving the money to another.  It turns out that Jane is their cousin.  dah da daaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

Jane, overcome with the idea that she is now a monied lady, wishes to share the money 4 ways with her cousins.  Nice lady.  This happens and the sisters and Jane, give up paid work.  Whilst at home they all pursue further learning.  The pastor decides that Jane would benefit from learning Hindustani.  They carry on in this vein until the pastor is close to leaving for India,  he and jane take a walk and he, in a round about way asks her to marry him.  She asks him if he loves her and he says she will make a good missionary's wife.  Not what Jane is looking for after the powerful love she felt from Rochester.  She declines.

Whilst the pastor is away, having not heard from Mrs Fairfax as to their wellbeing, she decides to go back.  On arrival, she finds the house in ruins and burnt to the ground.  On talking to a local she finds out that he was seriously hurt when trying to save his mentally ill wife from the fire, as she throws herself off of the roof.  And he has moved to another of his houses.

She ventures to this house, that is in the deepest darkest wood and there she finds him.  Blind, having lost one eye and only being able to see light and dark in the other eye.  His hand was also amputated. He lives with 2 of his former servants.  Jane vows to never leave Rochester ever again.  They immediately get married. In time his sight partially returns in his eye.  

And they live happily ever after.

I liked it, it was a fast read and was routing for her to succeed. 

I would read it again.  8/10

I wonder why in the book she keeps saying, Dear Reader?  I am not sure I like that part.

The next read along book is Wuthering Heights.  It should be a quick read.  I hope you join in.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Shaken not stirred. Goodbye

Goodbye to one of my {first crushes}.  Sad day.

What I did yesterday...


My scrawly hand writing! Scrubbed those floors on my hands and knees.  Got to look good in pictures!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

April - May 2017 read along

How are you all today?  I am good thank you, now that the weather has broken slightly and I no longer have a migraine/headache as it has now rained and thunder.  I'm like a human barometer.

I fell behind on my reading due to this, I try and keep to a schedule to make sure I finish.  Up until then, this was a really fast read and I would enjoy reading it again straight away if I could.  I dont think I will have time.

How are you doing with it?  

Monday, 15 May 2017

Diddunum - ohhh ahhhh

Alright, me hansome?

Ha Ha. I was reading Lovelygrey's blog and {this post} really made me smile.  It was a proper job!

When I am tired or upset or when I shout, I am pure Devon.  I have a bit of Somerset mixed in with some sayings from my paternal side of the family.  'That be nice bennet'.  Which I never knew for years and years, meant, that is nice, is it not?  Sounds all rather Yoda-ish.

I will leave you with some you tubes...  lmao  

In this first one, the two men in the shed sound very Radstock/Bath to me.  The guy with the gypsy caravan is not West Country at all, he is just rambling absolute nonsense...  I have no idea why he is in the video, with his blankets and duvets?  What? lol  Enjoy number 1

Number 2, sisters who sound like me and my friends from school when we get going.  

'It comes out the lace holes!'  Ha ha

These two crack me up.  50 yoars!

And this one, is a little over the top, but there are people who talk like this especially the older people.

As we are hoping to live in Cornwall, the accent will be different again.  I heard from a friend who I went to school with, who  has lived in Cornwall for 20 years, she said, that her kids have been having Cornish lessons at school, (I think she pays for the lessons).  All I get from the below you tube is Cornish radio.  Kernow radio, she says.  Thats it!!!  lol  I have a long way to go right?!?!

This one popped up.  I could listen to this Scottish lady all day.  So sing song.  Imagine her reading childrens bed time stories. 

Have a great day!

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Its Raining Its Pouring!

Hooray!  My lawn is yellow and the earth cracked and as I dont water any plants that arent food, the garden really needs it.  Dry as a bone it was.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Paris Grey

To dress the house up, I have had to be a bit inventive.  I didnt think an orange pine bed frame was going to cut it.  

As you can see from the picture above, I painted it paris grey by Annie Sloan in chalk paint. 

Dont look too close is all I can say.  It will look good in pictures for the internet.  I think a lot of people fall in love with a house from the pictures from the internet and then after a viewing pour over the pictures again and again.  Or is that just me?

Hope you are all well.  I am going to take a little blogging break, I will be back next week.  

I have finished Jane Eyre.  I am bursting with it, I have even bought the DVD with Michael Fassbender in it.  (got to have some eye candy!)

Happy weekend!!!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

How you doin?

How you doin?, yeah go on say it in a {Joey Tribianni} voice!

Gosh the days are flying by arent they.  I went to work yesterday morning.  Got there at 5.30am.  Yep, it was a bank holiday and no one else was there, even the big boss man had gone to London, (his Wife lives in London during the week and comes down some weekends, he stays at the house perm').

I got so much done.  No one coming and asking me anything. Everything is in good shape.  I emailed the last few bits from the day to boss man 2 (son) and to the accountant.  Both pinged back emails with in about 5 mins, expressing gratitude that we are well below forecast and well below budget.

Delivery company came, with 4 beds for the holiday cottages, whilst I was at work.  Lovely couple they were.  They had come all the way from Wales.  They unfortunately had to take one bed back as the divan box was badly torn and marked, inside the packaging.  Seriously industrious people.  Moved from Hull, to a house with land, started a home storage unit business and have just branched out into delivery driving!  Fab!  What spirit!, to change you life completely.  They had been teachers!  It kind of reminds me of a {blog post} I read earlier today.  Go check it out.  I read so many blogs where people are pushing for as self suffcient as they can get and I love reading about it.  Instead of moaning about things, and just constantly dreaming they are working hard to have their own patch of Eden.  I know you have to dream to get there, but these people are making it a reality.  I loved {this post} by Kev.  You can see he really is going for it and not only being a stay at home dad he is homesteading with livestock.  I take my hat of to families who, work, raise families and homestead.  Its hard work, but you can see from his posts that he is loving it. Kev and his wife are doing great things.

The sun is shining here, there is a gentle breeze that is constant.  It is perfect sailing weather.  If only we lived by the sea! 😀  The weather reminds me of holidays in Greece.  The dogs are sunning themselves right now.  Panting like mad, they come in every so often for a drink and then go back out and collapse on the grass.  Marta ever so often chews some grass and moves from her spot.  Eric having the {best spot} it would seem.

Marta had her second check up with the vets. all healing well.  I was a little worried as she had a long soft lump/ridge the length of the incision.  And at the top a big knotty feeling thing behind where her belly button was.  Nothing to worry about.  The lump is a bit of fluid where the body is trying to attack the stitches and they are dissolving and the knot really is knotting.  Its where all the stitches end and come together and where the belly button was it is naturally loose skin, so they have to gather it a bit.  Next up in the doggy world is Eric's booster injection.  Can you believe next month he has lived with us for a whole year.  Wowsers has our life changed.  *eyes a fur dust bunny, hiding behind the leg of the side board.  Makes mental note to get that today*

Thats about it.  I am about half the way through Jane Eyre, I am not sure I will have time to read it a second time this month before the 21st...  Aperas for dinner!  Yum, with refried beans and black turtle beans in chilli sauce.  yum yum yumyum yum  (I put cheese in the dough for the Mr)

Have a fab day!!!!

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Today I...

Pixabay,  not the real bed
First thing today, I went to the garden centre, picked up a load of bedding plants and some plants to put into the new veg beds we built.  I had 2 couples (OAP's), clapped me when I got the trees into my little car.  Cheeky git, shouted out "I didnt think you were going to get them in there, I was going to give you instructions!".  The woman piped up "My husband is a retired engineer you know".  I should have replied, but I just gave them the look of "F'ing know it all baby boomers".  I got home and planted them all up.

The veg beds were Wombled from the roof trusses that were removed from the roof when we had it raised.  (I knew it was worth keeping as much wood as we could from the build).

Posh boy painted the fences as they were looking dingy.  We jet washed the hard standing in front of the drive.  Dumped more things into the skip.

And then...  urgh, I built a flat pack bed.  It looks nothing like the one in the above picture.  Lets hope no one sits on it whilst we are selling the house and people are viewing it.  It shows that the room is a double bedroom, that is all that matters.  

More cleaning tomorrow and dress the beds for pictures.

I think we are nearly ready.  Its getting real now.  Really real.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Friday, 28 April 2017

Crowd pleaser, for meat eater, vegetarian, vegan...

Dont freak out, that really is a picture of tofu.

Stuffed pasta shells is the answer when people come to dinner.  Honest.  Yum

I roughly base it on {this recipe}.  To really intensify the garlic flavour I add 1/2 a teaspoon of garlic power, not granules it must be powder.  I get that from Lidl.  I also dont like the spinach too blitzed. I stir shredded spinach in instead.  Frozen is also good, just really squeeze the heck out of it.

I dont use a premade canned sauce.  I make my own using 6 large garlic cloves chopped, not minced, 2 cubes of tescos passata (its the only one with the consistency I like), olive oil and 6 basil leaves with stem, kept whole.  My friend whose parents are Italian showed me how to make this sauce.

In the bottom of a medium size saucepan cover the bottom of the pan really genorously with olive oil.   You want a good 3ml coat on the bottom if not more (it makes the sauce silky).  Both the pan and the oil must be room temperature.  DO NOT PREHEAT THE PAN.  Put the garlic in the pan and leave it for 5 mins.  I usually have a bit of a boogie to the radio, unload the dish washer what ever.  Make sure you have opened the passata cubes before you begin.  I like to use a silicon spatula to stir.  My friend says wood.  Her mum says never metal with tomatoes.  (I am sure someone out there will know why...).

Only now turn the heat on and lowish, my electric cooker stove top goes from 1-8, I use 3.5 for this.  You cant walk away, stand there and stir.  When the garlic starts to fizz be super attentive as it could stick.  This way you are getting really flavoured oil, not burning it before you have even blinked.  You are making sauce not a chinese stir fry, low and steady wins this race.  If it begins to fizz to quickly, remove from the heat.  You want it golden brown.  As soon as you see any golden, add all of the passatta, quick as you can.  Leave this to cook down.  I turn it down to 2, use your own judgement as it depends on pot size.  When you get the consistency you like, turn off the heat and push the basil stem into sauce.  Leave to go cold, remove the basil.  Use as you would a premade jar. 

 All of the ingredients are ones I have in my food storage.  I have used watercress before, it gave it a real zing.  If you would like the sauce to be arrabiatta, when are part cooking the garlic, add some sliced fresh chilli and a good pinch of dry, do not add the basil.  Throw your pasta into the sauce, for the meat eaters, this sauce version seems to go down a storm with chopped bacon as a topping. Top get toddlers to eat it, strain through a sieve.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

6 Months



Eric and Marta.

Marta with her natty surgical recovery suit on.  Its been a god send.  Worth every penny rather than the cone.  The cone made her crazy.  They are so cute, they break my heart.

Happy Wednesday everyone.