Wednesday 20 September 2017

And we are back!

Hooray we have the internet! It didnt come on until late yesterday, I have tried to read as much as I can and will be back to comment as soon as I can.  

The dogs are beside themselves at the moment, firstly because of the garden.  They have found away to escape through the boundary.  And second, because even if I take the bin bag out, they go wild when I come back in as if I have been away for a week.  The new house has some noises that they havent heard before and we now have neighbours that you can see and hear from the house and garden.  Its all new and they will get used to it.  As will I.

I hope you are all well.  

Speak soon.

p.s. Ray I have been reading the book and should finish today, ready for tomorrow.


Raybeard said...

Welcome HOME, Sol! We've missed you terribly. Now we can settle down again.

I finished 'Passage' some time ago and have read two books since (a John Grisham and a Seb Faulks - the latter especially good) so I'm going to have to skim through the Forster again to refresh my memory.
I still haven't obtained next month's book so I may be pleading for an opt-out for that month only, but could well catch up on it later.
Anyway, glad to have you back and we look forward to your further news and illuminating comments.
See you later.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Lots of barking going on its like our dog

Jules said...

Yay! It's good to hear from you. Which is more stressful, moving or lack of internet? ;-) X

Sol said...

Hey Ray, great to hear from you. I hope you are doing well. I will post up tomorrow for the read along if that suits.

Hey Bill, not so much barking more whimpering from the young one and the older one hides after running in circles.

Hi ya Jules, both have been really stressful this time. I think the being forced out sooner than we were ready for was a real jolt to the nerves. But we are out of that house and now in rain and wind battered Cornwall following 2 gorgeous September blue sky days. The lack of internet has been more of a pain as we wanted to get a flying start with some builders. The orange painted dirty porch is now pure white. It makes me feel a little more in control now that is done. Plus I am not embarrassed to open the door to people. it was really dirty!!!

Hope you are all well

Mac n' Janet said...

Your dog is exactly how I feel when the internet comes back on. I don't care about tv, but I love my internet.

Dani said...

Welcome back Sol. It's a terrible feeling to be disconnected, isn;t it. Alost like solitary confinement lol

northsider said...

Good to see you're back blogging Sol. I look forward to reading about your new house and garden.

Sol said...

Hey Janet, I have felt quite out of it. Every other phrase has been, "hmm, how do we get the hot water to work. I better google it..." then you realise there is no internet connection. Like you, I like reading on the internet, lots of blogs and other things.

Hey Dani, I am happy to be back

Hi ya Dave, the house is the normal pit we buy, but it will get fixed up the garden? its a jungle. Any tips on filling in ponds?

Janie Junebug said...

I lost my internet for a few days after Hurricane Irma. I went through internet withdrawal, and it was not pretty.


Sol said...

Hey Janie, glad to hear you are safe. You had a real excuse for not having the internet. We didnt have it as some pillock didnt press the on switch. Not acceptable and I told them that I will be on the phone again if I see that they have charged us for the whole month. They promised the 8th and didnt turn it on till the PM on the 19th. I didnt really have withdrawals, it was just really inconvenient as we need to get builders in before the weather gets too bad.

thrift deluxe said...

Welcome back!

It's so inconvenient to be without the internet when you just want to get things done, and finding out someone forgot to press the switch would have annoyed me no end. Still, you're here now so you can have lots of adventures and tell us all about them.

Sol said...

Hi there Thrift Deluxe, weird isnt it that something that didnt exist when I was a kid can impact your life so much! We are having adventures with builders right now...

Tracy said...

Ahh lovely to read that you are in and getting used to new things, I'm sure it won't take long. I love this place more and more each day, I hope you feel the same and the dogs settle soon x