Friday 22 September 2017

Annoyed with myself.

I typed out a huge review of the read along book and then some how - read *user error*, I deleted it by accident.

Please wait till I get it back together!  

*Everyone sway*

This is my Eden, for this is my Cornwall and this is my home.

Fishermen's Friend


Raybeard said...

Maddening when that happens, ain't it? I well know the feeling - and have had to exercise great restraint in avoiding kicking the damn thing (as though it was the equipment's fault) rather than booting myself up the backside, hard though that would be to achieve.
Hope when you've settled you can recall all that you wrote before it vanished which, I find, is the hardest part - and that we'll be able to read your opinion at our leisure while you can feel relief that you got it posted this time.

Thanks for the videos. Quite pleasant, both. I didn't know there was such a thing as 'traditional' Cornish singing, any more than I know if there's, say, traditional Norfolk or Cumberland singing, and there may well be.

Btw: Wonder why we don't see all-female a capella singers. Just pondering.

Sol said...

☝☝🙋🙋🙌🙌☝☝ oh, oh I know the answer to this, proper Hermione Grainger moment... In the film Pitch Perfect, the commentators of the competition are having a chat and the woman says something just like your question, the man turns and says "its because they cant make the low notes that round out the harmony". There you go, I knew something!!! ha ha

kymber said...

i loved both songs...and you can hear "cornish" traditional singing from "the men of the deeps" here from my island. they are retired coalminers and they sing songs that sound like both of the links you provided.

i find it amazing how much of the english, welsh, scots and irish culture still thrives on my island. my island was built by these people, among many others. but we still celebrate together and call it "ceilidhs". and we have barn parties also called "ceilidhs". we also have many kitchen parties also called - you guessed it!

did you know that my island has the only gaelic college in north america? i will be taking studies after the new year, i know "kitchen gaelic" but i don't know how to read or write it. that will be fixed pronto. we are trying our hardest on our tiny island to keep the gaelic strong. and i will do my part!

i loved both videos! thank you for sharing! now i just need some pics of your new digs - bahahahah!

sending love, as always! your friend,

Janie Junebug said...

When I went back to college in the nineties and started using a computer to type my essays, I deleted an essay the night before it was due. I almost fainted. Then I got myself together and recreated it.


Sol said...

Kymber I have left you a comment on your blog delete it when you have read it. it doesnt relate at all to the post you have today. Language is part of an areas identity.

Hi Janie, I was gutted I worked on it 2 days on and off and really thought I had the feeling and thoughts down correctly for once... never mind will retype it tomorrow.

DUTA said...

What harmonious voices those singers have! I've enjoyed both videos. Thanks for sharing.

deb harvey said...

have done it myself.
if i had to do it on purpose i couldn't as i don't know how.
now my daughter comes and 'saves' what i am doing 2 or 3 times while i am in the midst.
i also don't know how to do that, but i have my resident expert.
see if you can learn the 'save' process and just save your work several times during writing.
then if 'delete' happens [you don't have cats, have you? they are expert at 'deleting'] you will only have to rewrite the missing most recent portion.

Raybeard said...

Sol, re the dearth of all-female a capella about groups, although I didn't know about that quote from 'Pitch Perfect' I'd been toying with the identical idea, namely that you never hear 'gruff' female voices reaching down to true basso-profundo depths, whereas (some) male voices can reach the same heights of female sopranos, though of course the 'timbre' will be different. This could well be the reason, then - a greater vocal range in male voices, even though it may not sound very p.c. to say it - so Shhhhhhh!

Sadie said...

Good to see you back again Sol!

Ah, I'm forever deleting stuff without meaning to. It really irritates me when I manage to hit delete instead of publish on comments. I'm then riddled with guilt for being so clumsy.

Anonymous said...

Love the Cornish singing, takes me back to my holidays every year in the 1960s.

Sol said...

Hi Duta, there is group that sings on the quay side in Port Isaac in the summer. I would love to see them!

Hi Deborah, it does actually auto save, buuuuuttttt I actually deleted it as I had started in previously, didnt like it, and then had 2 in my draft posts and I hit delete and didnt thing and deleted again even when it asked me are you sure? Honest I scare myself sometimes with the silly things I do. lol

You see Ray, I am full of useless fact. But yes ladies cant reach all of the pitches.

Hey Sadie, I am always worried I will delete or not reply to a comment. I feel that I need to reply to them as someone is kind enough to read my word, the least I can do is write back

Hey Toffeeapple, I havent heard a real performance before, but if you go into Lugger in Fowey and start to hum, someone will sing and they all join in, not in the restaurant area but at the bar. Especially if the life boat has been out.

Chickpea said...

Lovely bit of singing Sol, I think (I may be totally wrong) that my cousins friend wrote the first song. Look out for the Sea Shanty festival in Falmouth, the whole town is filled with Cornish and usually a bit of Breton singing.

Sol said...

Hey Chickpea, I will look out for that. I thought of you on friday when I went to Truro. I hope you are well.