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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Middlemarch read a long review

Wow, that was a long slog of a book wasnt it.  It just kept on going.  Action?  There wasnt much I felt.  Again as I have felt with most of the classics that we have read so far, they seem to ramble on for far too long.  I much prefered North and South, which was also a snap shot of life, albeit in 2 different places.

At first Doreathea really bored the heck out of me, in real life, if I had met her she would have naffed me off.  Towards the end she does pick up a bit, but not enough for me to really like her as a character.  5 weeks into her marriage to a man 3 times her age, she realises her mistake.  If she was in the book Divergent she would have been Erudite faction.  Being that she feels superior to all the other females and looks down on them, you would have thought that she would have taken the educated guess that a man of 45, was not going to change much and that his way of working would be quite ingrained.  

Lydgate the new comer, is a doctor with new ideas.  He also makes a bad marriage to a pretty girl, who it would seem he slipped into marrying as he gave her too much attention, being the era it was, he had no real other option as he wanted his fever clinic in the Middlemarch hospital and was in too deep to change that.  I have to wonder if Rosalie from the Twilight books could be a little based on Rosamund in this book.  Lydgate himself dies at the young age of 50 (I will have to check that in awhile). 

Fred Vincy and Mary's marriage seems to be the most rock steady along with Celia (Doreathea's sister) who marries Sir James Chettam, who previously wanted to marry Doreathea.

All in all, everyone else seems to rave about this book and love it.  At 900 pages I wont be reading it again to see if I can change my own mind.  Far too long, too many characters for me.  I feel that I need a police detection board with string all over it to show who is who to keep up.  

Scores on the doors 2/10  very dissapointing.  Clearly I am not educated enough to see what others do.

Next book is Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte.  Happy reading

Friday, 21 April 2017

I'm a bit behind this morning...

I am a bit behind this morning.  Please bear with me, Marta is off to the vets to be spayed.  I am a little all over the place with nerves.  Come back later for the Middlemarch book review.


Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Gold prices are at a 5 month high, The more Trump goes on a rant, the higher it seems to get.  I am glad I dumped all currencies, gold being high means uncertainty.  Politics seems to be fueling it. 

General voting for 2017 will be tense, but the ones I will be following VERY closely are - South Korea 9th May, Iran May 19th, UK 8th June, France twice in June, Norway 11th September, 23rd September New Zealand, August one to watch with interest Angola, due to their exports, Germany 24th September, October 22nd Argentina.

A very uncertain year.  Batten the hatches it could get wild!  My pension is going to take a battering.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Is this the best course? Let this be the final say!

As long time readers will know, I am not overly political on my blog.  I dont really feel this is the best platform.  That aside, this is my blog and I want it on here, for my own memory.

The Prime Minister has called a snap general election.  8th June 2017, we need to go to the polls again.  And then I want all of the unelected parties, to pull together, move forward together.

I am hopeful, we need a strong person to lead us.  Lets hope everyone puts aside their own agenda.  This is a vote for Britain, not an individual.  Brexit has already been set in motion, we need the best out come.

Please make sure you are registered to vote.  Check right now, we dont want it again where people couldnt register because they left it too late.  I feel this is really important.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Easter 2017

Happy Easter!

I hope you like the above youtube, its a clip from one of my favourite films.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Middle April, not Middlemarch

How are you?  I am still going strong with Middlemarch, but I have had to add in a little Harry Potter.  I cant help it.  Every year, I read all the Harry Potters, the Twilight Saga, The Hunger Games and The Divergent series.  (As I sit here, I am a little cold and have on my dressing gown, {Gryffindor robes} to be exact).

Do you have plans for the weekend?  I am not sure what we are doing yet,  lets hope there is an adventure in there somewhere.  Reading about them isnt enough some times!

Have a fab weekend!

Friday, 7 April 2017

Dr Strange DVD

Whilst in Cornwall the other week, we watch the DVD of {Dr Strange}.  *hmm, puft*  Where shall I start.

I liked the CGI and the more sci fi parts.  Him being an up his own bum, neurosurgeon got on my nerves.  But what really ticked me off?  Holy moly, his accent.  Benedict Cumberbatch, plays Dr Strange and a lot like Dr House, played by Hugh Laurie (another Brit), I can not stand their fake American accent.  It really grates on me and I cant get past it.  I think they must of had the same voice coach, who should never be used ever again.

For the voice alone I can only give this film a 3/10.  If it had been a different actor, say {Alexander Dreymon}.  Then it would have been a 10!  LOL  

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Something I never thought I would keep saying

Not my dog...
Something I never thougth I would keep saying over and over again?

"If you dont want a bath, dont roll in poop!"


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Lets have have some good news


After yesterdays attack in St Petersburg, Russia, again I am very said that someone has attacked civillians.  Because of this, I am looking for good things to share with you, below are some links.  

{This amazing man} is spreading the love with gardens and bees.

Who would you give your {last rolo} to?

{Bimini Love is 15}.  Imagine what she will be capable of when she is 30.

Music is a balm to the soul.  Anyone who has been in contact with someone with dementia, knows that any 'old time' songs and hymns bring them to life.  My gran may not have remembered what she ate 10 minutes ago, but if Songs of Praise was on she would sing her heart out, {Neighbours} she would sing and sway to the theme tune.  And when God Save the Queen came on, she would stand, sing as loud as possible and drag anyone to their feet who dared to stay seated.  Its great to see a sliver of them coming out.  {I love this}.

Beaming love to all.  Hope you are well.

Monday, 3 April 2017

The White Stuff

Picture from Google
*Stands up*

Hello, my name is Sol and I am addicted to sugar.  As I type this I am on day two of trying to beat my addiction. I have a raging head ache, I am dying for a ginger nut biscuit and I feel altogether RANCID.  

I have been painting and painting and glossing and then I lost my mind last night and got the chalk paint out that I have been trying to ignore as much as possible.  I have painted a pine bed frame that we had when we first set up house, it is rather yellow/orange and the room is Swedish White.  When I look at it, it has a touch of grey in it I think.  I was going to paint it white.  Posh Boy said no.  Too much white, leave it pine.  *Shudder*.  

I had visions of the finished article looking something like {Gillian's makeover}.  I have too many runs and dribbles for it to be as good.  As I have said my craft skills are low.  

In a fit of craziness or a brain f@rt moment, I deciced that last night at 7pm was the best time to do this.  Yep -completely lost it there.  As our new carpets are arriving at any moment, to be installed by the carpet fitters.  I have no clue what time, I will just wait in.  Passing the hall, trying really hard not to make a cup of tea and add 10 sugars and feel better.

I have used {Annie Sloan chalk paint in Paris Grey}.  I have gone through less than half a tin on a double bed, which I think is really good. I will let Posh Boy wax it.  Lol he will love that job.  

Eric, bless him, is so desperate to be near you, that even though he hates the vacuum cleaner, he followed me all around the house.  Vacuum inhaling the last of the plaster bits I had bladed (I dont know if thats a word, its long handled scrapper thingy with a really sharp blade on the end...), off of the floor.  He was shuddering and shaking and then was promptly sick all over the place.  Marta gleefully running through it.  All of this at 6.30am.  urgh...

I feel kind of weird about this house now.  It is a really good house now, it will really be a good family home for who ever buys it.  It has nearly broken me, but at the same time we have really put a lot of ourselves into it and I am proud of it.  

I dont know, rambling here a bit.  I am desperate for something sweet.  My friend said, not to even eat apples, until I am better.  Urgh.  Rough, I feel rough I tell you.  My throat is also sore from all the paint stink.  

This sugar thing, is really going to limit my food.  I already drink hardly any alcohol, the wind must be blowing in the right direction, all the stars aligned and the moon blue.  I havent eaten meat for a few years now.  And I am dairy intollerant.  Apart from eating eggs I am practically vegan.  Now, no sugar?  I am only doing this until I get to a place where I dont only want to eat, biscuits or sweet things all day from the moment I wake up.  I live on white food and need to sort that out.  My food intake since we havent had a veggie garden is disgusting.  I can eat a whole tube of ginger nut biscuits and not think anything of it.  And then look for some sweets.  Maybe some jelly tots for dessert.  Did you know jelly tots are vegan?

I also have some of {this stuff}, which is liquid gold!  The hot chocolate I make with this is DIVINE.  Yum, I want it now.  hmmm. Made with coconut milk and a touch of almond milk.  Oh yes, with waffles.  *drools like Homer Simpson*.  It is vegan friendly and doesnt use palm oil.  Winner in my books.  Give it a try.

I need to go.  I am craving food real bad.  Another glass of water is needed I think.

Sol, Out.