Tuesday 18 April 2017

Is this the best course? Let this be the final say!

As long time readers will know, I am not overly political on my blog.  I dont really feel this is the best platform.  That aside, this is my blog and I want it on here, for my own memory.

The Prime Minister has called a snap general election.  8th June 2017, we need to go to the polls again.  And then I want all of the unelected parties, to pull together, move forward together.

I am hopeful, we need a strong person to lead us.  Lets hope everyone puts aside their own agenda.  This is a vote for Britain, not an individual.  Brexit has already been set in motion, we need the best out come.

Please make sure you are registered to vote.  Check right now, we dont want it again where people couldnt register because they left it too late.  I feel this is really important.


Raybeard said...

You do well to raise your voice on this issue, Sol. I've voted in every General Election since 1966 when I was first entitled to (all, that is, bar one - '83 I think, when I was on holiday abroad) as well as in every local council election, every European Parliamentary election, and even the Police Commissioner elections. All referenda too, it hardly needs saying.
If you don't vote, you've got no grounds to moan. You can only moan if you vote and don't like the result - and, boy, I do, and I will!
So VOTE, VOTE, VOTE - but just the once! :-)

Btw: I do wish Mrs May would, re Brexit, stop bleating on about "We (the country) has never been so united!" My observation is that it's precisely the opposite, and I'm afraid that I still fear for the future - not necessarily for me as I don't expect to be around for many more years (don't read too much into that), but for the present younger and future generations to come.

DUTA said...

Sadly, there are no strong leaders in the world nowadays; in fact there are no leaders at all.

Sol said...

Ray, I find it quite stressful. I am nearly 40, and am so unsure of what is to come that we are selling our house in the hope to downsize or rightsize as I want to call it. And have no mortgage. No one can say that we wont go back to the mega mortgage rates of the 1990's. I just want some one to say this is the plan and the aim. I hope you are well.

Hi DUTA, you are right, so right. Its sad but true.