Thursday 13 April 2017

Middle April, not Middlemarch

How are you?  I am still going strong with Middlemarch, but I have had to add in a little Harry Potter.  I cant help it.  Every year, I read all the Harry Potters, the Twilight Saga, The Hunger Games and The Divergent series.  (As I sit here, I am a little cold and have on my dressing gown, {Gryffindor robes} to be exact).

Do you have plans for the weekend?  I am not sure what we are doing yet,  lets hope there is an adventure in there somewhere.  Reading about them isnt enough some times!

Have a fab weekend!


local alien said...

Good reading and have a Happy Easter holiday.

Sol said...

Hey Linda, Happy Easter!

Raybeard said...

I finished 'Middle' couple of weeks ago. (Praise be!) I'm already forgetting it and it's going to be an effort to try to recall it to offer words, kind or otherwise. But we'll see.

Have an agreeable holiday w/e, Sol.

Jules said...

Enjoy your books. I have managed three so far this year. Which considering that is more than I have managed all together in the last three years I am very pleased with myself, even if they were only fluffy reads.
Enjoy your weekend and have a lovely Easter. X

Harry Flashman said...

We saw the movie about "incredible beasts" or whatever it is on pay per view. I watched it with my wife. It takes place before all the Harry Potter things. My wife really liked the movie. I went to see all those Harry Potter movies when they came out over the years, because my wife really loves them.

Sol said...

Hey Ray you have a great weekend also!

Hi ya Jules, I am going for it this year. I am doing the book of the month. I will read all the books in the post but I also have a collection of books that I want to finish in all, it is 80 books. Can I do it? We will see!

Hi Harry, I love Harry Potter. A whole generation was inspired to read because of these books. Lets hope more children love the written word. Your Wife has good taste you know. She must always be right ;)