Monday 24 April 2017


Good morning.

A quick catch up on the BBC news website and I came across {this short film}.  This is my goal.  I dont have many goals in life, be happy, be mortgage free, live as well as I can.  This comes under 2 of those headings.  And wow, she has great skin for a 98 year old!  Am I right?  Pure goal right there.

I best get the wii fit out and get on that.

Although, as a mad Potter fan, maybe I should be aiming for {this}.

Be good to yourself, be kind, be safe.

Have a great week!

Special thanks to {Lovelygrey} for alerting me to Pixabay on her blog.  Thank you for sharing the link.


Jules said...

Oh wow! What an amazing lady. X

Sol said...

Hey Jules, she is an inspiration isnt she!