Tuesday 4 April 2017

Lets have have some good news


After yesterdays attack in St Petersburg, Russia, again I am very said that someone has attacked civillians.  Because of this, I am looking for good things to share with you, below are some links.  

{This amazing man} is spreading the love with gardens and bees.

Who would you give your {last rolo} to?

{Bimini Love is 15}.  Imagine what she will be capable of when she is 30.

Music is a balm to the soul.  Anyone who has been in contact with someone with dementia, knows that any 'old time' songs and hymns bring them to life.  My gran may not have remembered what she ate 10 minutes ago, but if Songs of Praise was on she would sing her heart out, {Neighbours} she would sing and sway to the theme tune.  And when God Save the Queen came on, she would stand, sing as loud as possible and drag anyone to their feet who dared to stay seated.  Its great to see a sliver of them coming out.  {I love this}.

Beaming love to all.  Hope you are well.


northsider said...

Music is a balm to the soul Sol. Have you been down to Cornwall recently?

Sol said...

Hi Dave, glad you had a good holiday. Yes we have been to Cornwall I have seen 2 houses that are maybes but both are not ideal and both need a lot of work. We will see! lol