Friday 7 April 2017

Dr Strange DVD

Whilst in Cornwall the other week, we watch the DVD of {Dr Strange}.  *hmm, puft*  Where shall I start.

I liked the CGI and the more sci fi parts.  Him being an up his own bum, neurosurgeon got on my nerves.  But what really ticked me off?  Holy moly, his accent.  Benedict Cumberbatch, plays Dr Strange and a lot like Dr House, played by Hugh Laurie (another Brit), I can not stand their fake American accent.  It really grates on me and I cant get past it.  I think they must of had the same voice coach, who should never be used ever again.

For the voice alone I can only give this film a 3/10.  If it had been a different actor, say {Alexander Dreymon}.  Then it would have been a 10!  LOL  


northsider said...

Are you going to Cornwall for Easter Sol? Have you been to Heligan yet?

Sol said...

No sorry Dave, we arent able to go at Easter. I will be doing Heligan at some point it is on my list.

Janie Junebug said...

I use a fake American accent, too. It's terrible.


Sol said...

Ha ha Janie, that is funny.