Wednesday 19 April 2017


Gold prices are at a 5 month high, The more Trump goes on a rant, the higher it seems to get.  I am glad I dumped all currencies, gold being high means uncertainty.  Politics seems to be fueling it. 

General voting for 2017 will be tense, but the ones I will be following VERY closely are - South Korea 9th May, Iran May 19th, UK 8th June, France twice in June, Norway 11th September, 23rd September New Zealand, August one to watch with interest Angola, due to their exports, Germany 24th September, October 22nd Argentina.

A very uncertain year.  Batten the hatches it could get wild!  My pension is going to take a battering.


Raybeard said...

The year is going to be everything but boring. (Trump would have seen to that anyway).

Mac n' Janet said...

It's a scary year all the way round.

Sol said...

Hey Ray, I second that. Anything but boring for sure.

Hey Janet, hope you are well. I think all first world countries are feeling uneasy. Maybe the first time for a long time. We will have to hold each others hands.

DUTA said...

What are all these dates, expected political events? I used to follow the impact of political events on economy. Well, not anymore. Nothing can be prdicted; stupidity and naivity prevail.Politics and politicians are at their lowest everywhere. ThE USA might find itself in confrontation with Russia, Iran, N.Korea, China. Her policies so far have left her with no real allies and with an astronomical deficit. So a WW3, God forbid, is at the corner. Gloomy!

Harry Flashman said...

Well, I hope you will tolerate a Trump believer here, Sol! ;-)
Dani the South African is not a believer either, but we get along ok.

I promise to be good. Just stopped by to see how you are.

Sol said...

Hi DUTA, those dates are all when countries are voting for their Prime Ministers or Presidents. It greatly influences the stock market. I have a stock based pension.

Hi Harry, no problem here, Trump having his rants where he goes completely off on a tangent, seem to fuel growth in the stock market. I am all for that! Got to build my pension pot!!!
Lol Although baiting North Korea is debatable, depending in which direction he sends his weapons is whether they go across Japan and the ocean or across densely populated China and then across southern europe. Not a nice thought either way.

Harry Flashman said...

Well, I'll do this. I won't talk politics on your blog, because I know you are not writing about politics. So if any of your friends who come by here want to talk politics, they can come to my place. Even if they are not on our side, I am sure they will be treated with respect. If not, I'll try to fix the problem. None of your guests seem like the type to start throwing vulgarity or insults, so no issues with them visiting and saying what they think.


* Of course I will be keeping a list, and after we have conquered the world there may be repercussions! ;-) (just kidding.)

Sol said...

Hey Harry I think most people who come here are into books and self sufficiency, generally because I visit their blogs. The older I get the more I dislike that people dont vote. They have the power with a mark in the box. Place that mark I say.

Hope you are well over there and life is treating you well.

p.s. I think a lot of people are probably jealous that Trump is saying America in my books comes first. Nicola Sturgeon does it in Scotland (although sometimes she gets a bit too ranty for me). I admire their love of their country and that they want to make it better. If Jeremy Corbyn gets in over here. we will think carefully about leaving. Four years is a long time and I dont think he can handle Brexit. We have said we are leaving, for better or worse, we need a steady hand and a clear head. He would get rid of the military as quickly as he could. He is very disrespectful of people who have served for us and kept us safe. He is a total idiot in my opinion, worse than Farage! and that is saying something. Enough abou politics, lets talk fluffy things like books and food storage! lol

Annie's Journal said...

In for a hard times?? I'm sure a lot has already fallen into it and most are still in denial. We really need wisdom on how best to invest to get a bit of security for the future. Don't let fear get in your way, but I think it is best to invest on tangible things ie Gold and silver than paper stocks/paper gold etc......and be freed from debt in order to go forward. Yes, it makes us wonder why everyone is rushing for election to get in and be established in power at this one particular time. These are serious topics to dwell with Sol...but be strong and always take courage:)

Sol said...

Hi Annie, selling the house is paramount right now. We have people coming to value it. Then we are on our way to complete freedom. Not many people can say they are free now. Saddled with a mortgage and personal debt, many are slaves to these debts and have no idea there is another way. I cant wait to have no mortgage. I get misty eyed thinking about it.