Wednesday 26 April 2017

6 Months



Eric and Marta.

Marta with her natty surgical recovery suit on.  Its been a god send.  Worth every penny rather than the cone.  The cone made her crazy.  They are so cute, they break my heart.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


local alien said...

Boy the dog has grown!! Glad you found something else besides that terrible cone. She looks very comfortable...and cute

Jules said...

Those faces! Adorable. X

Raybeard said...

Admit me into your 'Broken Hearts Club', Sol. How could anyone ever wish these lovable two any harm EVER? I just want to scoop them up and smother them in coochie-coo kisses. You are ever so lucky.

Sol said...

Hey Linda, she has grown leaps and bounds in the last month. The cone was awful, she gouged the plaster off the wall by accident trying to knock it off her head!

Jules, they are really cute until one rolls in something disgusting.

Ha ha Ray, they are lovely arent they. I dont know how anyone could hurt Eric, but they did. And now he lives with us like a king! Went to the rescue centre for a cat, came home with a cool dog. Who saw that coming? Me? Never!

northsider said...

Super Marta! She looks like she's in the superman/woman league. Are they your new kitchen cupboards? Great pictures.

Sue said...

They are both absolutely gorgeous :-)

Sol said...

Hi Dave, I love that you think that Marta looks like a super hero! that has made my day. The cupboards behind them are the 2m long side boards in our lounge that flank the chimney. They are from cotswolds company, that is based in Norwich, despite the name. They are the same style as the kitchen cupboards, it keeps a bit of continuity through the rooms.

Hi Sue, they are cute and they know it. I am rather partial to your Suky, Rosy and Mavis!