Saturday 5 August 2017

Seperated at birth?

When I first started watching Outlander, I was sure from the voice and face that {Christopher Timothy} was the father of {Tobias Menzies}  I was obviously wrong, but I think they look and sound uncannily alike.

Christopher Timothy above

Tobias Menzies above

And I have to say, my love of {Seany Sean's} voice mixed with {Ben Fogle} the other celebrity love of mine.  If you mixed them in a jug and I think you would get something quite close to {Sam Heughan}.  I am finding the programme Outlander a compelling watch.  (although there are some scenes I have had to fast forward through as they have been a bit too violent.  You have been warned if you havent seen it before)

What are your thoughts, seperated at birth?  Are you loving Outlander?  It got violent and sexual very quick in the series.  It is a really good period drama, extremely interesting, as I was never taught about this at school, neither would it seem, that most Scots were either.  

Dare I say it, better than Poldark?  Or is it because the Mr is a Scot?

Answers on a post card please, or at the very least a little comment!

Have a good weekend.

(Read a long, The Colour Purple tomorrow)


Dani said...

Do you already have the new season of Outlander???? Sob - we've had no notification here yet.

But, Poldark does return to our screens next week, so gratitude for small mercies :D

Jules said...

I'm sorry to say that other than Ben Fogle I haven't heard of anyone you have mentioned. I'm just happy to say you showed up on my blog list this time! X

local alien said...

Agree with you on Ben Fogle. I enjoy him and his programmes on the rare occasion they are shown here.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Wee I watched & read All creatures Great & smaall (even met Robert Hardy) but I can't be bothered watching the other trash

Sol said...

Hey Dani, the first series is only just being shown over here on TV. It would seem David Cameron (last Prime Minister), thought it would influence the Scottish Referendum. And I can say, for sure it would of. I really think if it had been shown before the referendum, Scotland would now be independent or on its way to it. The Mr has now thought that he should near more history. so that has to be something doesnt it. Jamie is a bit of alright as well isnt he! The actor Sam Heughan seems to be quite a nice fellow from what other actors say. And it helps greatly that he is easy on the eye? ;) Could he topple Jensen Ackles from my list of celebrity crushes? Obviously Ben is at the top. :)

We have invested in Amazon Prime and we get free to watch programmes and films as well as next day delivery. it is currently well worth the monthly fee.

Yay Jules I am coming up on peoples blog rolls! that is great news. Heck knows what was happening before.

Linda, Ben Fogle has been my number 1 crush since he was in the programme Castaways. I am a soft touch for certain accents, it would seem posh and Scottish. lol

Hey Bill, I watched all creatures great and small as a child on the reruns. I am greatly enjoying all of the period dramas that have been on in recent years. From Larkrise to Candleford to this latest find of Outlanders. The costumes are always fabulous.

northsider said...

I Sol. I loved All Creature Great and Small. We saw the first couple of episodes of Outlander and I predicted there would be a love interest. My wife's read the book/books and I told her I would Google the synopsis if she wouldn't tell me. My favourite time travel programme was Goodnight Sweetheart. Catherine Zeta Jones in the Darling Buds Of May for amazing eye candy would be my choice.

Sol said...

Hey Dave, Goodnight Sweetheart is a good one. My sister says I like it a lot as he is Scottish and I love the accent. I make the Mr use his Scottish voice to say certain words like bannock etc when we are there. He has an English posh accent because of boarding school down here, but everyone else is true Scots in voice and actions. I think it beats Game of Thrones and Poldark. To some that is fighting talk!

Catherine Zeta Jones is beautiful. I wish she would stop messing with her face though. There was an awful picture of her and it looked like she had a lot of work done.

AJ said...

Well I'll be buggered. I thought exactly the same as the following; ((When I first started watching Outlander, I was sure from the voice and face that {Christopher Timothy} was the father of {Tobias Menzies} I was obviously wrong, but I think they look and sound uncannily alike.)) I've only just started watching this tonight on Light-box, here in NZ. 7th May 2020, in the good (NOT) old world of Covid 19. So there you have it! AJ from South Otago, NZ.