Tuesday 22 August 2017

Flashback Tuesday

With all of the excitement of yesterday and planning Scotland touring next year.  Below are a few links to out previous times in Scotland.  Enjoy!

The High Road

The Pipes


Glenfinnan Viaduct/Harry Potter


Jules said...

Hey Sol. It's lovely to have a Scotland fix at this time in the morning. The photos of Edinbugh castle at hogmanay especially. X

Jules said...

There are also a few pics of Edinburgh on my Embracing Autumn post from last year if you want to further fuel your excitement. X

Sol said...

Jules!!!! *squeal**** off to look at the pictures. OMG. Seriously I am questioning why we want to move to Cornwall at the moment when I seem to be lusting after Scotland. I have to keep reminding myself I dont like driving in ice and snow and I hate scrapping the car of ice here so if we were in Scotland we actually would need garages for both cars as I would get ticked off with it! lol Its too cold for too long. its lovely for holidays and seeing family. Watch this space, now we will move to scotland. (we are having problems with the chain on selling our house.... le sigh)

northsider said...

Why don't you buy an holiday cottage in Scotland Sol? You could fly there and hire a car. I believe the midges can be bad in summer. I like the bitters and whisky up there in Scotland.

Sol said...

Hey Dave, some 'holiday cottages' in those parks are more expensive than a house. I quite like the idea of Crieff.