Monday 31 July 2017


I went to a spin class last night to try and build my leg strength.

I hurt everywhere.

Even worse, my friend from down the road said come in for a drink, to celebrate that we both didnt die in the class. 


I had 3 of those little cans of gin and elderflower tonic.  I feel like death still and it is 1pm!  I either need to stop getting older or start drinking on a regular occassion rather than once a year.  I am sick as a pig.  

Back tomorrow with something better!


Jules said...

Oh no! I've never been tempted to do one of those and now I realise why.
I'm sorry but I'm still having trouble receiving notification of your posts. I've tried following again. If it stops working this time I will just have to go back to checking in regularly. X

Sol said...

Hey Jules, I dont know what goes on I tell you it is nutty with Blogger, Dani emailed me one day with loads of weird stuff on my blog. I had to contact blogger for help as it all wouldnt go away!!!

Spinning is really hard. Heck, there was a bit where you are up off the saddle and you had to do your arms at the same time. If I had the breath I would have laughed my head off. Nearly everyone but the hard core gym bunnies nearly fell off. I am really out of shape. I think I would be better off doing the NHS couch to 5k. 40 is coming up fast. I need to sort it out.

northsider said...

Hair of the dog is the best hangover cure Sol. A bitter or lager shandy will re hydrate you again.

Sol said...

God Dave, my head is still dull pounding it is ridiculous. I dont have any alcohol in the house urgh