Wednesday 1 November 2017


I am quite behind here on the blog.  I havent quite finished reading the last book of Little Women.  Everything has been quite the whirlwind lately.  I am thick in the idea stage of my veggie garden.  I have to start sorting it all out as I want to plant garlic.  I want the garden to keep going constantly, no beginning, no end to the veggies coming out of it, hence the snake.  I have been told by a neighbour that there isnt really a hunger gap here if you plan it right, just with a small green house you can have your greens!

I have a membership to the Lost Gardens of Heligan now.  I will be going there for as much inspiration as possible.  I need a lot of help!  I have found some very exotic plants in the garden.  I have taken pictures and hope to stop the gardeners at Heligan to see if they know what they are.  I am a little excited about it.  Can you tell?

I hope you are all well, I will finish the book and be back with the book review!  Promise!  


Tom Stephenson said...

I met Tim Smitt at Heligan in the early days. He is a nice bloke. I was enquiring after restoring the little grotto there, but it needed nothing doing to it.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of iSpot? You can send your pictures to them and someone will answer your queries. No charge.

Sol said...

Hey Tom, when I was getting my membership they all seemed really nice.

Hello Toffeeapple I havent heard of iSpot. I will have to look into that. Thank you for telling me about it! :)

Raybeard said...

Hi Sol. Good to see your green fingers at work getting those greens to sprout - though I'd be requesting "NO garlic, please!" (Could never abide the stuff!)

I didn't find a cheap copy of 'Little Women' to (re)read so for the first time I'll be opting out of that one. However, yesterday I finished reading 'Rebecca' again. Did I find it as spell-binding as I had the previous times? Ah, just you wait and see!

Life could be ultra-busy in next few months as I've had notice that in next few weeks I'll be invited, along with others, to view vacant sheltered accommodation flats in Oxford coming up for occupation in Jan. How many vacancies there are and how many are being invited to look I've no idea, but just the fact of being included to have a gander is encouraging as the last I'd heard is that I was No. 63 on the waiting list! If luck goes my way and I'can and want to move then I could be asking for a further opt-out or two in reading in the near future, though that remains to be seen.

'Speak' to you later - and start watching out for the frosts!

Sol said...

Hey Ray, great to hear that you have been asked to look at some sheltered accommodation. That will be a real boon for you if you could get it in Oxford. It will be a comfort that if you need help at amy point it is on hand. Make sure to get a letter from your GP and then they can add that to the system for your points, pushing you up the list. most important that is. Fingers crossed the new year will bring you a lovely refitted flat! How lush will that be! Good luck. I will finish the book shortly.

northsider said...

You could put you name down to be a volunteer gardener at Heligan Sol. Its on the Heligan website. Any chance of posting some pictures of Heligan or your new garden?

Raybeard said...

I asked my GP about giving me a 'push' with a recommendation for preferential treatment, Sol, but he said that regarding Mr Nasty's presence in the flat under me (which had provoked me into doing something) although he understands how it would add to the stress I felt, anyone and everyone in the same circumstances would be feeling additionally stressed by having that sort of neighbour. So he was unable to single me out as deserving of special treatment.

Btw: Since Mr Nasty heard of my intended move - and that he was the principal cause of it - he's been uncharacteristically quiet. I've managed largely to avoid bumping into him, but when our paths do cross we just exchange grunts. That's fine enough by me.

I'm still as keen as ever to move, though. I want somewhere that will give me the intellectual 'stimulation' that I crave - and Oxford has it in lorryloads!
As for getting the ideal flat that I really want - fingers still crossed in Camelot's direction!

Dani said...

Exciting times ahead. Planning and planting up your chemical free food...:D

Sol said...

Hey Dave, I will be going to heligan at some point this week. I will sort some pictures of everything. At present the conservatory is still floor to ceiling boxes and that room is 15x17! My camera is some where in there. Will try my best

Oh Ray that is a shame but at least you tried. I hope it comes off for you, as it will make the world of difference for you!

Hi Dani, I cant wait to get growing! Everything seems to grow like crazy here. it rains most nights so I dont have to worry much about watering!