Friday 10 November 2017


One of the things I didnt count on when moving here was the extra vacuuming.  Everything is sandy.  Floors, my car, some how in the bed.  Getting tense with people who dont wipe their feet well before they come in.  The no shoes beyond this point sign is coming back out.  No outside shoes of paws can go beyond the porch.

urghhh  mess!

No picture, my laptop is struggling, it wasnt registering the solid state hard drive wasnt connecting and it was blue screen of death.  Luckily we had an old hard drive we could fit.  It took 2 days to try and get all of the data off if the old one.  I need to buy another external drive.  Remember people, back it up.  I forgot this and nearly lost everything!  

No picture as it might kill this old drive.  In your minds eye imagine a beach with sand.  there you go...


local alien said...

Pity about the picture, but can certainly 'picture' the sand. One thing I intense dislike about sandy beaches. That damn sand gets into everything, as you know.
How do you paws from not tracking it in?
Great to hear from you again

Sadie said...

I'm with you, sand is awful! I hate how it gets everywhere and never seems to be completely cleaned up!

northsider said...

A beach with sand sounds good. Look forward to seeing some photos Sol.

Raybeard said...

No picture, Sol? Understood, but it's one we'd dearly love have seen.

Sol said...

Hey Linda we have a special door mat that the dogs stand on and then I wipe the paws. I am not so worried about that it is more PEOPLE bringing it in. I cant seem to get rid of it all!

Hello Sadie! Where does it all come from?

Dave I have to take all the pictures off of the computer as it is so old that it has hardly any memory. I cant put any pictures on in case it kills it. Maybe Father Christmas will bring me a new laptop that isnt 15 years old?

Hi ya Ray, I am sure once I get it all sorted there will be pictures!

thrift deluxe said...

Ha! I know what you mean, we're not right near the beach but we get plenty of sand in the house, on the windows, all over the car, in every single pair of shoes I own etc. During the summer the shop, which is closer to the beach is full of it, I'm constantly wiping the shelves where it collects!