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Monday, 29 December 2014


Ha Ha

I saw this in a barbers window in Brixham in the summer.  






lovelygrey said...

Now that is funny! x

Dani said...


Sol said...

Hey Lovelygrey. My sister said the picture was still there when she went to see the peeps in the marina office.

Dani, I miss Devon humour. I really do.

Tom Stephenson said...

I wonder if the Ken Dod fan-club complained, like the North Korean embassy did?

Sol said...

Hey Tom. I think they could even love it.

susie said...

My hair person confided in me that she hates when most people bring in photos of celebrities. Because it ain't going to happen.

Sol said...

Hey Susie, I dont think many people in the UK would got to a hair dresser and ask for a Ken Dodd do. lol

I cant even get my hair how it was when they did it in the hair dressers. let alone some one elses style. My hair has been in a bun every day this week.

Raybeard said...

That's a transformation to confuse the Diddymen!

Sol said...

Ha ha Ray for sure.