Friday 12 December 2014

All walks of life

I feel like {Aunt Sally} when I look at a picture like that.

I read {this} and liked it. With everyone out visiting family over Christmas I hope this helps someone.  It also wouldnt hurt for you to take some cake! 

What are you all up to over the weekend? 


nick said...

Goodness, I'm slavering at the mouth looking at that lot! No Patisserie Valerie here in Belfast (why not?) but I used to visit the original one in Soho when I worked nearby. I went to the Patisserie Valerie in Edinburgh twice this year and had some amazing cakes.

northsider said...

"Cup of tea and a slice of cake".

I am looking forward to United playing Liverpool on Sunday.

Sol said...

Hey Nick, I could do with some cake right now. But I had 4 biscuits for breakfast so I wont! lol

Hi ya Dave, I loved Aunt Sally but Worzel scared me. Sorry I know nothing about football.

Anonymous said...

I think I see tiramisu. I'll take that!

Sol said...

Haha Susie! there are plenty there I want to eat. Probably all of them.

Chickpea said...

Sol, that article is so true. As someone who gives advice and support for a living I recognise the 'chronic complainers'. Often they don't want advice they just want to be listened to, which I do. However I'm not so professional in my personal life with chronic complainers. One in particular I just avoid now as I feel really negative after spending time with her. and she actually has nothing to complain about in her life. Sometimes I just like to have a moan, I don't want a solution, I just want to get it off my chest, but thankfully not all the time!

Sol said...

Hey Chickpea. We call them emotional leeches in our house. You go there happy and the life force is sucked out of you.

I used to debate with these types of people. Now I go with let them talk it out. and when they say you arent speaking, I just say, I was listening and trying to absorb. That was a lot of information. They notice the silence.

LOL if I am on my own after seeing these type of people I turn my favourite song on in the car and sing really loud.

Or the other thing to do if it is a family situation and you know people dont get on, I have devised a quiz before. you need the little kids to be a buddy to someone older and then you do the quiz and always include a photo round the kids love that. no time to moan if you are thinking of answers.

p.s. I cant sing.

Harry Flashman said...

We are staying inside, and keeping warm. It's pretty chilly out there right now.