Wednesday 17 December 2014


The view from Dartmouth to Kingswear

Above is the hill where the {Red Arrows} appear for the Regatta, as a little kid you held your breath so you could hear them before you saw them.

Up river towards Noss Marina

Every time I see buildings like this I remember a young American couple who rushed by with their tour group.  Exclaiming, "I read they empty chamber pots out of the windows".  LOL  That always makes me smile.  I should have told them that we had toilets from the late 1900's but I didnt want to dispell the 'Quaint little olde England' mystique.

From old to brand new and high tech this super yacht below, opened at the stern like a car boot, the back section came up and 2 jet skis popped out and were taken by the chandlers to be given the once over.  The man who owned it was extremely nice.  He offered us a look but we needed to get off the quay side before the ferry started.

Dartmouth is a really special place.


Raybeard said...

Looks like one of those quaint and VERY attractive places whose fame is bigger than its size (just 5.5 thousand, I see). Very nice indeed.

Harry Flashman said...

I don't think we ever went to Dartmouth, but we stayed in an Inn in Andover where King Georgia III was supposed to have stayed. That was pretty impressive, and the town was beautiful.

Sol said...

Hey Ray, it is lovely. I would love to live there. Again, not many jobs. I have the Lat and Longitude in my Will of where my ashes are to be chucked over board there. Morbid but true.

Hey Harry, the trusty internet tells me it will take just under 3 hours to drive from Andover to Dartmouth. I havent been to Andover so you have one I havent seen also. I was quite taken with someones pictures of Hay-on-Wye this morning and have decided a town dedicated to books needs me to see it.

how cool is that!

northsider said...

Hi Sol. We passed through Dartmouth many moons a go. We went over the river on a ferry connected to a metal pulley wire.

Hay on Wye is well worth visiting. A town full of books, nice pubs and cafes. Visit Symonds Yat when you are the area. They filmed some of the scenes from Shadowlands there.

Sol said...

Hey Dave, lol I think I only passed my ICC for sailing when we were in Greece because on the map on the test it was of Dartmouth and they said mark all the hazards! lol I knew about the higher and lower ferry and marked the areas for the harbour masters launch, plus not forgetting the Naval base.

They must have thought I was very diligent! lol

Yes - Hay on Wye is now firmly on the list. That and Stratford upon Avon

nick said...

Dartmouth is a beautiful spot. Our family had a lot of holidays in Torquay when I was young, so I know the area. Hay on Wye is beautiful too, well worth visiting, full of amazing bookshops (bring plenty of cash!).