Tuesday 2 December 2014


I was lucky enough to go to the {British Museum} whilst I was in London.  Lets not talk about how, although I was staying in Holborn, I couldnt work out where the museum was.  yep, completely lost.  

I was very pleased to see the {Rosetta Stone}.  It was elbow to elbow rugby scrum in there.  If you visit, I would try a week day.  

Behold the Rosetta Stone.

Absolutely amazing and stunning.  If I hadnt been dug in the ribs about a 100 times, I could have gazed at it for ages.


northsider said...

Didn't know admission into the British museum was free, Sol? Is the stone really amazing?

Sol said...

Hey Dave, most of the museums in London are free to the public. It is only exhibitions that are on loan from other museums or private collections that are paid for. I'm pretty proud of that being British. Many people give donations for entry.

As I am quite small, I do tend to be stood on and pushed a little by foreign tourists, so I couldnt stand there for too long as I got quite a few digs in the ribs from some Italians who wanted the whole area to themselves so they could take selfies for facebook.

I thought it was amazing. I studied some of it at school and have a huge love and reverence for historical artifacts and buildings. So to me it is an item of wonder. And I was 3 inches from it in its glass case.

Some people are into museums some arent. As it is I think it would take me a month of 12 hours a day to gaze at everything in the British Museum